True Friendship

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Having a lot of friends is very helpful, but a handful of genuine friendships is simply a blessing. Over the years, you have understood the true meaning of friendship and you have succeeded in detaching yourself from false beliefs and embracing the true fraternity of those who have proved to be faithful friends. In adult life, we begin to understand who the true friends are. Although it is sometimes setbacks that show us who is on our side.

I have many friends who have proved my admiration and respect, and they inspired me to write this list that I want to share with you today. Sometimes life goes through with people to learn from them. Do not regret if a friendship could not be. If you have worked hard for it and it still has not worked, you may want to learn something from this experience. Everything learns, and every relationship – good or bad – comes to cultivate with her and prepare for the journey. If you want to know what are the characteristics of these true friendships, go through this list and you will learn how much you must thank for a true friendship.

  • Do not judge yourself

There are no thoughtless or malicious words against your decisions. A true friend will not judge you for what you do, but will try to channel you if you see that your behavior is negative for you or your environment. And how do you feel? Both feel confident to tell each other things because they know they will not think badly and will not be judged for their behavior.

  • Guide you in silence

Sometimes the words are too much. And a real friend knows it. Other times, he feels the desire to tell you something, but he knows you, he respects you and considers your own silence to accompany you. A significant loss can be the example, if there are no words, your friend will give you a hug that is more than an encouragement.

  • You are satisfied with your performance

A true friend feels full of joy. Everyone can show it to you, but you notice that it is a real pleasure, because this friendship encourages you to continue, motivates you to improve and makes you happy when you get what you expect. Positive words are always in the mouth of someone who is a good friend. Your achievements and your joys are like yours.

  • Feel your sorrow

A faithful friend feels your pain. You see him being harassed, gone, but always with the strength to help you lift up. He does not stay in words, he takes action. To help you overcome the pain (because you feel like yours), she looks for you, encourages you to go out to catch your breath, visits you and calls you often. A faithful friend is always present when you feel your mood wavering.

  • Do not keep a grudge

For some reason, they may have a problem or misunderstanding. Nevertheless, if the friendship is true, both will be willing to forgive themselves and maintain their bond of loyalty. There is no resentment, and maybe in the future they will accept those bad memories with humor.

  • There is always a gap in the agenda

If the friendship between you is true, there will always be a moment to see. So it’s in the middle of a busy day, maybe half an hour, to sit down, chat and eat a piece before continuing your commitments.

  • Do not look for change

You admire yourself as you are. That’s why friendship is so strong because they feel comfortable and trust each other. They do not want to pretend that they are changing because they feed on the wonderful differences that make their friendship so rich and unique.

  • Disorder does not matter

You know that a friendship is true when you invite someone to your home, even if you have not had time to order. You know he will not judge you and he does not frown to see your children’s toys on the floor. You feel really comforted by their presence and vice versa.

  • It’s a straightforward and direct friendship

If they have to say it, they say it. They know each other so well that they do not say things with a filter and that they know that what they say will always be said from the bottom of their heart in order to help, to raise, to build and to never destroy. Because a true friendship is always constructive, frank and direct.

  • More than friends, brothers

You love each other as if they were of the same blood. And that makes friendship so special, pure and lasting. But the advantage is that you have chosen to cultivate and develop the group. They love each other like brothers and that’s fantastic.


Feel blessed if you have such a friendship. Never forget to pay attention and that cultivating a group is as necessary as necessary. A true friendship. We give wings to dream and make these dreams a reality. Share this article with your real friends!

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