The Regina George Church of Mean Girls

Updated May 2, 2022

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The Regina George Church of Mean Girls essay

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The religion I created is called The Regina George Church of Mean Girls. Regina George founded the church of mean girls on her first day of high school in 2004. The first day of school she walked into school and was horrified at all of the ugly clothes everyone was wearing and how weird people were acting. She decided to take matters into her own hands and save the school from social destruction. From that day on, she was became the most popular girl in school and gained many followers, naming her three most loyal followers “The Plastics”. She established rules and all of her followers complied, thus birthing the church of mean girls. All of her loyal followers must follow any rules she instills. If they don’t follow the rules, they will suffer major consequences.

The main rules of the religion are you cant wear tank tops two days in a row, you can only wear your hair in a ponytail once a week, and you can only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays. The most impoertant rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to look effortless, but plastic and perfect. If these vital fashion rules are not followed, then the followers are not allowed to sit with Regina and the zplastics at lunch. Another important ritual is the annual jingle bell rock only performed by regina herself and three of her most loyal deciples. Weekly meetings on Sundays to discuss who will be added to the burn book.

The justice system is mainly used to punish those who disobey Regina’s laws. The Justice system is also used to punish those who have tested regina george’s legitimacy. These non-compliers and non-believers will suffer consequences that will ruin their social reputation forever. Whether that means starting a rumor or publically humiliating them. The main consequence however is the addition to the Burn Book. The person who is being punished will now have their own dedicated page in the burn book equipped with their name, picture, and several purposefully hurtful, but also true, comments about their flaws, social life, and looks. Regina and her Plastics have a meeting every week, or more if necessary, to discuss everyone that as done wrong, adds all of them to the burn book, and proceeds to discuss what other form of punishment is necessary.

The Burn Book is the major text of the church of Mean Girls. The book is a large pink journal and on each page there is the picture of a different person and their name. At the weekly meeting, Regina and the Plastics discus who has disobeyed the rules. This book holds information about several students at regina george’s high school and all of their flaws. The main purpose of this text is to make regina George look as perfect as possible, she is the savior after all.

The main enemies are anyone who dares to question regina George’s authority as savior. They are all listed in the burn book, and followers are forbidden to have any kind of interaction with them. If a follower is caught talking to, hanging out with, or even looking at an enemy, they are immediately punished. This punishment is usually a public humiliation or a false rumor spread.

The most famous ritual of the church of mean girls is the wearing of pink on Wednesday. Together, regina and all of her followers wear pink every single Wednesday as a celebration of how pretty they all are. This ritual is meant to bring unity to everyone and sort of separate the followers from the non-followers.

The regina George church of mean girls attempts to answer the existential question of our purpose on earth. According to the main text of the faith, “We are all here to look good, but always slightly less good regina George. Of course to make our savior look the best out of everyone.” The

The main ideal of this religion is to ultimately look pretty. The members of the church of mean girls believe that whoever is the prettiest will ultimately live forever in the afterlife, among all of the beautiful people in the world, and will have an easier life because everything will be handed to them. Luckily for us, regina George has already saved all of her followers. If you follow all of her rules, you will be saved in the afterlife and live In a big mansion among regina for the rest of eternity. There really isn’t any specific moral code. All followers must follow regina’s orders, whether or not they are considered morally correct in society. Whether that be publically humiliating a non-follower, or egging their house.

The daily life of a follower includes waking up extra early (earlier than the savior) to find an outfit worthy of regina’s approval. And sometimes this may take hours since ther are so many rules. Regina is particularly picky when it comes to her followers outfits. One wrong accessory, and your added to the burn book and exiled from the church. The next step is getting regina her morning coffee. Since regina has so many followers, they all take turns doing this task each morning. The next step is arriving at school. Followers must come to school in a super cute car; followers must NEVER take the bus under any circumstances. The rest of the day involves following around regina George and making sure she has everything she needs. Lunch is spent talking gossip. Then the followers go about the rest of their day and maintain their social status.

“Religion” can roughly be defined as beliefs that a group of people believe to be true. The regina George church of mean girls definitely upholds this definition. The followers of this particular religion all believe the word of regina George and the burn book.

The Regina George Church of Mean Girls essay

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