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Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism

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The practices that are labeled Orthodox was developed over the period from the fall of the second temple especially during the period of the writing of Mishnah and Gemara from 200 to 500 CE. This practise is defined and undefined by the Rabbis over the age as they responded to their time. So especially Rashi…

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Impact of Moses Maimonides on Judaism Summary

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“Religion is a lived experience as adherents seek meaning in their lives”. With this quote it articulates the impact of a significant person, ethical system and significant practice in Judaism and the impact of life of an jewish adherents. As it teaches adherents of Judaism on how seek meaning in their lives through the faith…

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Ceremony of Coming of Age in Judaism

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In the Jewish tradition there is a ceremony that takes place for children coming of age. This celebration is defined as a child being old enough to take responsibility of his or her action. Not only does it include males, but females also partake in this event as well. It was until 1922 that females…

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History of Judaism

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When The Romans destroyed the Second Temple and Jerusalem around 70 CE the Second Diaspora began. During this Diaspora, the Jewish people dispersed all through the world with settlements from modern day Iraq to Spain. During this period of exile, the Jewish faith underwent certain changes.Judaism evolved during exile as Jews viewed themselves not as…

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Key Feaches of Judaism Religion

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Judaism is believed to be the oldest monotheistic religion known around the world. Almost 4,000 years ago this religion was founded in the Middle East. The people who practice Judaism identify as Jewish, to be Jewish their mother usually practices Judaism. The estimated number of people who practice Judaism is about 14 million people who…

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History of Orthodoxy Branche of Judaism

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Hungarian Jewish history has been primarily occupied with understanding concepts sparked by the Haskalah movement. With a focus on the closely tied phenomena of emancipation and the tendency for assimilation, historians were interested in the trend of modernization within the Jewish faith and tradition . As a result of the institutional schism which officially began…

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Short History of Judaism

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Founded by Abraham around 1812 BC in the Middle East, Judaism is a monotheistic religion of the Jewish people. It is reported that there are a total of 17 million Jews, making it the tenth largest religion in the world right now. It is now the year of 5770 on the Jewish calendar, and Judaism…

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Women in Judaism

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Gender Roles


The role of women in Judaism is established by the Hebrew Bible, the Jewish Law, by custom, & by secular, cultural factors. The Hebrew Bible and Jewish teachings acknowledge various powerful female role models. Also, the religious law treated women differently than other religions have, typically dating from the beginning of Judaism up to current…

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Judaism in Colombia

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Latin America


Many academic writings recount how Jews were expelled from Spain or subjects of conversion to Christianity in the 15th century (Bejarano 2012). Universities teach about the Inquisition in Latin American countries like Colombia and how Jews and their descendants in both the Iberian Peninsula and the Colonies were persecuted over centuries. But the books usually…

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Reform Judaism

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Judaism is the word used to describe the Jewish religion and is defined as the sum of beliefs and practices of the Jewish people, given by God and documented in the Torah (Hebrew bible) and subsequent holy scriptures of Judaism. For years, Jews in Europe lived as an excluded minority as the Christians governed the…

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