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Importance of Crucifixion of Jesus Symbol in Christianity

Cross is a well-known symbol of Christianity because of Jesus’ passion on it is one of the most important events in his life and the very purpose of his worldly existence. Throughout centuries, many artists have been expressing their unique perspectives of the crucifixion’s message. Most of the artworks symbolize the crucifixion as the forgiveness…



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Jesus Christ’s Mission

Christmas is approaching very soon; every store is crowded with people, and their hands are holding tons of bags that are filled with gifts and decorations. People are preparing this time of holiday with festivity and glee. Last week, I asked my kindergarten Sunday school students about Christmas. Some kids said, “Christmas is when Santa…



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Jesus Christ and Love as the Greatest Commandment

When one reads about “The Greatest Commandment” in the Scriptures, immediately, one thinks that it is something hard to accomplish. Human beings have many flaws that make their Christian lives very challenging. But, as they read the Sacred Scriptures, they are able to find the hope and certainty of God’s will for their lives that…




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Jesus Christ in Black Theology

In the writings of Black theology by James Cone and Elizabeth Johnson and Silence by Shukasu Endo, the common idea of the importance of the ways “the symbol of God functions” is discussed through the way one speaks about God. In Cone’s “Jesus Christ in Black Theology,” from A Black Theology of Liberation and Johnson’s…



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Marcus J. Borg’s Interpretation of Jesus

Marcus J. Borg was raised in a Lutheran family, with several family members who served as Lutheran pastors. He describes church activities such as Sunday-morning services, Sunday school, and youth groups as composing a significant chunk of his childhood. This information conveys Borg had a profoundly Christian upbringing, and he was familiar with the beliefs…




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Jesus Christ’s Miracles

Religion, as defined by Dictionary.com, “a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects” or “the body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices” (Religion). In both definitions of the word, religion is being described as a set of beliefs, meaning that…



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Jesus’ Parables “The Prodigal Son”

Parables within Luke serve a great purpose to the essential distinctions of Jesus’ teachings. The parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke. 15.11-32) is intertwined with a tension of grace vs. justice and how God’s grace rules all lives. The younger son’s first impression in the parable is him demanding his father to “give me the…



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How Jesus Taught His Disciples

We live in the Midwest so we know a thing or two about storms. We remember those storms too. We don’t often talk about the beautiful days we’ve experienced but you can get people talking about the storms they have been through. I remember the time I drove to get my daughter, Grace, at daycare…



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“Jesus Take the Wheel” Song

We all have heard of the name Carrie Underwood, right? If you haven’t you are in for a real treat. She has won a total of seven Grammy Awards and other awards like Female Vocalist of the Year (Fancystatue). Her very first Grammy nomination was in 2006 at the 49th Grammy Awards. She won her…



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Jesus is God

When Jesus entered the world, He entered with the relationship to Israel that he is God. Jesus is Yahweh and Jesus participates in the identity of Yahweh. Jesus has his own identity no less than Yahweh. Paul connects Jesus to God fully in Romans 3:30 pointing to the One God which shall justify the circumcision…



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