Heroes that Become by Accident

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When heroes are mentioned people mostly think of Spiderman, Superman, or other types of people with supernatural powers and they are not wrong. Although typical heroes save people in big cities this hero saves a small town and kingdom. Emma Swan is a fictional character in an ABC television series Once Upon a Time. She is the protagonist of the first six seasons and is considered to be a kind, fearless, and strong woman. Emma Swan is soon to become the Savior of a small town called Storybrooke.

Emma Swan is a 28 year-old woman who was abandoned as a baby and is now living in New York solving crimes and catching criminals. It was her 28th birthday and she was spending it alone in her apartment. She made a wish to have a family and then all of a sudden she heard a knock on her door. A little boy named Henry was standing at the front door and he tells Emma that he is her son and shows her his birth certificate proving that it was true. Emma then tells Henry that she is going to take him back to his mother in Storybrooke.

Henry then goes on and tell Emma about how she is the Savior and starts talking about how all these fictional characters were brought to Storybrooke by a curse that the Evil Queen casted and etc. “You are the Savior, the one who will break the curse” (Once Upon A Time). After she takes Henry hime she decides to stay in Storybrooke to see what it was all about. Throughout the whole series Emma finds out more about herself and her family and that Henry was telling the truth. She fights all evil to protect her friends and family even if it meant that she would die which shows her fearlessness.

There are many ways Emma shows her kindness but the main on is when she forgives and becomes friends with Regina, aka The Evil Queen. Regina was mean to Emma when she first arrived to Storybrooke, she wanted Emma to leave because Regina knew Emma was the Savior. She thought Emma was going to ruin her plans and take Henry away from her.

Although Regina tried to kill Emma and make her leave Emma always stayed and tried to stop Regina. They eventually become friends and Regina turned over a new leaf. “Despite everything you’ve done a lot for me Regina… I wasn’t looking for you to assuage my guilt, I was looking for you to be my friend” (Once Upon A Time). Even through everything they have been through Emma never gave up on Regina and still showed her kindness. This led to the greatest friendship of the show.

Emma has become a strong person with the help of her family. They helped her find who she is and never left her side. “All my life I realized I have been alone, walls up, nobody’s ever been there for me except for you… I can’t lose my family” (Once Upon A Time). Emma went through a lot but because of it she became the strong woman she is, she never lost faith.

Some heroes are born to be great other’s become one by accident, but Emma Swan had to learn to be kind, strong, and fearless to become the great hero she was meant to be and that is what she became.

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