The Power of Words as Demonstrated in George Orwell’s Novel “Animal Farm”

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In this short story called Animal Farm, written by George Orwell, a group of animals living on a farm finally decide to stand up to their owner and reach their dream. Old Major, who is a prize-winning boar, gathers the animals for a meeting. He tells them about a dream he has had in which all animals live together with no human beings to control them. He tells the animals that they must work to create this paradise. When he dies three nights after the meeting, three younger pigs, Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer make his main principles into a philosophy called Animalism.

Late one night, the animals defeat the farmer Mr. Jones in a battle, and run him off the land. Soon after, they rename the property “Animal Farm” and dedicate themselves to living up to Old Major’s dream. When the animals take over the farm, they think it is the start of a better life. Unfortunately the pigs take control and Napoleon, becomes the leader of all the animals. Each day more and more of the rules and principals are forgotten about. This leads to the animals having even less freedom than they started off with. The pigs are starting to look a lot like the horrible human owners that they started with at the beginning of the story. This short story has many themes, but the main theme happens to be The Power of Words.

The power of words is very important not only in this story but all throughout life. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” This quote explains how stick and stones may physically injure you, but words can’t. Instead they leave an emotional scar or impact on people. Words can mean so much from the 3 words “I love you” that everyone wants to hear to the 3 words that can scar you forever, “I hate you”. Every word has a meaning and every word will leave a lasting impression on you or someone else. Each word has a meaning in any language. With these words we basically live our life. We use words to have a conversation, give a speech, write poems and essays, sing, tell a story, etc. That is why words are so important to humanity. Without words our world would be nothing.

The power of words is important in the story as well. For instance, the words of Old Major are very powerful. Old Major is a prize-winning boar whose idea of a peaceful paradise where animals are no longer controlled by humans is an inspiration to the other animals. Therefore the other animals work very hard to set up a new constitution for the animals and dedicate their lives to making his dream come true. Even though Old Major dies three days after his speech, his words carried on and motivated the animals to reach their dream.

Another character in which the power of words is seen in is Moses. He is a calm raven who spreads stories of Sugarcandy Mountain. He tells the animals that this is the paradise to which animals supposedly go to when they die. Even though Moses only plays a small role in this story, his words have much power. The animals believe his stories and admire him because they believe he knows what he is talking about.

All this goes to show that words have a great impact on everything. From this short story, to life itself, words carry out our actions. With thoughts come words and with words come actions. Every action has been triggered by a word before it. There is no explanation for how much words mean to humanity. Words can be used to have a conversation, give a speech, write poems and essays, sing, tell a story, etc. That just proves how much words mean to us and how important they are.


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