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Analysis of Graffiti ‘Keep Your Coins, I Want Change’

This visual analysis is a graffiti art by an artist known as Banksy. It would seem that this piece is representing that either an economic or political change that is needed in order to make society function better. Emotionally, people should be drawn to the aloneness of the person sitting on what seems to ground,…



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Graffiti is Art, not Vandalism

Their is surely a definite beauty in graffiti. With all the colors, styles, designs and big variety of different unique styling of letters. Even though, graffiti art is illegal and has been considered vandalism by law, some people consider it art because its a way people can express themselves and let their voices be heard….



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Graffiti: A Form of Art or Vandalism

Cities are places of intense and dynamic cultural and aesthetic productions, and are continually changing to adopt a new self-image that matches with the behavior and attitude of its residents. These changes normally manifest through a range of various aesthetic practices, such as public art, architectural innovations, control of signage, renovation and modernization of public…



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Graffiti and Artists

Graffiti is writing or drawings made on a wall or other surface, usually as a form of artistic expression. Graffiti ranges from words to elaborate wall paintings and has existed since ancient times. We can date graffiti back to ancient Egypt, ancient Greece ,and the Roman Empire. Graffiti is a very controversial subject. In most…



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Graffiti is Art

Graffiti is an explanation to life itself, containing differences in everything it’s made up of, just like the world. The discussion of why graffiti is art, is that it is anyone’s canvas, reality, timeframe, or setting, because graffiti always has an artistic reason behind it. It could be said that graffiti isn’t art, because people…



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Graffiti Should be Categorized as an Art

Art is something of great value in our society. Perhaps at first, one might ask: Does art matter? What is art in any case? Some people might say that art is a developed skill concerning different practices around imagination and creativity since there is the existence of the art of poetry and art of painting,…



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Graffiti: Crime or Art

For many, the word “graffiti” brings to mind images of crime and poverty. But why is this? The answer is perhaps more complex than it seems, and relies on varying historical context. In this context, the idea of street art will have a strict definition, because it could be argued that the paintings of cavemen…



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Graffiti: Disorderly or Expressive

“Physical disorder was constructed from four questions: the presence of dog waste on the street, presence of graffiti, presence of litter and presence of vandalism.” In the quote above, the presence of graffiti in a neighborhood is being construed as a sign of a physical disorder. This was part of a wider assessment of neighborhood…



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Paints and Plants: Preventing Graffiti

Graffiti is a form of self expression, which is usually inappropriate and affects the younger minds of the community, which entitled teens have no right to do. Graffiti is a rather large issue in today’s communities, however, there are possible solutions such as painting a mural and planting vegetation. An interesting article about preventing graffiti…




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Graffiti in the Bronx

Finding graffiti in the Bronx is like looking down at the sidewalk to see all the black circular gum spots, it’s in abundance. In a community like this tagging is a form of expression. The taggers by tagging a place confirm their existence, even while the rest of New York might have forgotten about them….



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