The National Electric Code

Updated August 4, 2022

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The National Electric Code essay

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The National Electric Code has been around for roughly a 100 years in the United States and is used vastly in most electrical projects. In 1882 Thomas Edison with his invention of the lightbulb brought electricity to Manhattan, but it took till the 1920’s till half of homes even had electricity. It was first made because factories in the late 1800’s were using electricity to better improve productivity. It was made to hopefully make dealing with electricity safer for companies and employees. The code book started because in 1893 Chicago was holding the World’s fair and they asked a man named William Merril to inspect the electricity. He did and the fair had no instances or any major electricity failures. Other companies then began to ask him to inspect their work and then he founded the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). The National Electric Code began in 1897.

There are four main steps in making a proposal a code in the code book. The first step is making a proposal. Interested parties will send in proposals on how and why they want a code changed. The best way to get a code to pass is with hard visible evidence. It is rather difficult to get a code past this stage because of how good the evidence has to be. The Code Making Panel then votes on whether to accept or reject this proposal past this stage in the code making process. Then the comment stage occurs which is when the public has ten weeks to comment on whether they like the added proposal or do not believe it needs to be there. The next step is the NFPA as its annual meeting on whether they accept or reject the codes. They can also amend the codes during this meeting and with comments added can make improvements. The final is the code being added to the NEC. This is a legal document and most states, for the most part, follow these sets of guidelines.

I think the National Electric Code is a crucial part of being an electrician. The code is necessary I believe for the safety of others. The NEC sees all kinds of home, shop, and business fires that could have been prevented just by a few simple things like older wiring. The code tries to improve on instances that could have stopped fires or serious injury from occurring by adding these codes. I also think the National Electric Code is necessary to protect the electrician. If a fire starts because of wiring and it was all done according to code the electrician can say it was wired the best and safest in his/her ability. In conclusion, even in 1893 they realized dealing with electricity can be a safety hazard, but the improvements it can give society significantly out way the risk. Electricity has changed the world for the better and many people do not realize that is because of the National Electric Code.

The National Electric Code essay

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