Take a Lawyer in Car Accident: Yes or No?

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A traffic accident can lead to many more complications even after the initial fright and the immediate consequences. In a possibly following legal dispute, the question of guilt is clarified and whether claims for damages or compensation for pain and suffering have arisen for the injured party. In court, the insurance company will use your lawyers to achieve the best result for you.

This guide discusses why it is advisable in principle that you turn on a lawyer after an accident . It will also concern who takes over the legal fees after the traffic accident. So if you ask yourself after an accident, ‘Who pays the lawyer?’.

An Accident Lawyer Advises You in your Favor

After a collision in the traffic , many different parties act in their own sense. Not only you and the accident opponent are important. Your liability or comprehensive insurance and insurance houses of others are rapidly and more powerful turn to the costs for the company as low as possible to keep.

It is even more complicated if the holder of the accident vehicle is a third party whose damage also wants to be regulated. This is the case, for example, when a rental car is involved in the collision. If you hire a lawyer in a traffic accident, you can be sure that he will receive compensation if he is entitled to it.

Everyone is from now on the next and you can expect from your insurance – or even your collision partner – no support. Because insurance companies are profit-oriented companies for which every amount to be paid out is too high.

In order to get an overview and realistic chances for a favorable outcome of the story for you, it is therefore advisable to have a lawyer examine the car accident. Even a first conversation can bring you basic insights. After all, a lawyer has to take up your position after the accident and act and advise completely in your favor. He is, pathetically speaking, your only friend in this matter.

The insurance companies are not a substitute for a lawyer after the traffic accident. Especially if the insurance of the other side sees, through its objectively given principal debt, high claims settlement costs, it will contact you quickly. The company will offer you to take care of everything and to do you any work. Here you should exercise caution.

The liability insurance of your accident opponent is not your friend and will not act in your favor. So you can assume that the service offered has the primary goal of minimizing the costs for the company. The more vehemently you are advised against by a lawyer, the more suspicious you should become.

Who Pays the Lawyer in a Traffic Accident?

There is a reason why the other side may be trying hard to make you feel safe and will not even think about contacting a lawyer after the accident. A lawyer can intervene in an accident for victims and help them to their rights.

After all, the insurance of the person causing the accident must cover the costs for your lawyer after the accident. To be harmed for innocent people should not feel any negative effects if this is possible. This can be secured at least on a financial level. Thus the liability takes over not only the lawyer after the accident.

Also, compensation for pain and a rental car for the duration of the repair are often negotiated claims settlement items , which are negotiated in court and for which the insurance and the accident opponent have to pay.

But even if the question of guilt is not finally clarified or if it is foreseeable that a self- debt will be determined, you should turn on a lawyer after the accident. Because although the legal fees are then borne by you , this will ensure that your position in the litigation are optimally represented .

Accident: Attorney’s Fees are with the Guilty Party

The guilty party has to pay for all costs that arise from his wrongdoing . These include the lawyer’s costs after the traffic accident. But even expert opinions or damages and compensation for damages can come to him. For this reason, insurance in Germany is mandatory in order to guarantee accident victims a minimum of financial compensation.

What does the lawyer do after an accident?

As an accident victim , especially as an innocent , one has a lot of material positions on the agenda that a layman often can not overlook . In principle, it is about financial regulation to make the accident ‘undone’ at this level. Once added physical pain and long-term consequences , your lawyer will do after the accident all the stops to ensure an appropriate damages sue for you. A right that the opposing insurance sometimes does not meet.

In addition, the lawyer can after the car accident ensure that incurred for you costs such

  • the towing service,
  • Repair costs,
  • Shipment costs,
  • Rental car or usage compensation, etc.

are settled appropriately.

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