Tension between the Hawaii and the United States

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Hiding behind the coconut trees and and the white sandy beaches of Hawai’i holds a dark political background creating tension between the Hawaiians and the United States. The 50th state of Hawai’i to most is a paradise but many are unaware to the fact of how Hawai’i came to be apart of the United States, creating an unnecessary tension between the two parties. For years Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) fought for the sovereignty of Hawai’i and continue to fight.

Hawai’i should not be classified as a part of America, even though many Americans believe otherwise. Hawaiians deserve their sovereignty, Hawai’i can still be apart of America but a territory instead of being a state of. January 17, 1893 the last reigning year of Hawaiian monarchy, Queen Liliuokalani was held at gunpoint by Americans forced to abdicate the queen’s throne.

However the plan to seize control of the queens kingdom was done unknowingly behind the back of the united states government, the plan was set in motion and executed by The United States minister to the kingdom of Hawai’i, John Leavitt Stevens and the Committee of Safety because they saw the monarchy as “an absurd anachronism” which “has nothing on which it logically or legitimately stands”. Minister Stevens wrote to the United States “We are unable to protect ourselves without aid, and therefore pray for the the protection of the United States forces” in this letter he tricked the United States into believing that U.S. citizens’ lives were at risk and troops were sent to Honolulu.

Accidentally aided by the U.S. government, heavily armed soldiers and the committee of safety made way to the Queen Liliuokalani’s palace and staged the annexation on the queen. This put the queen in a predicament, knowing that she was outnumbered and for the safety of her people she signed over her monarchy to the United States and believed the justice system would see wrongful actions, however, that was never the case. In addition America has even apologized and admitted to the fact of illegally annexing Hawai’i.

“President Grover Cleveland fully and accurately on the illegal acts of the conspirators, described such as ‘an act of war, committed with a participation of a diplomatic representative of the United States and without authority of congress’, and acknowledged by such acts the government of peaceful and friendly people was overthrown”. Furthermore President Cleveland had come to the conclusion that Hawai’i deserves their monarchy restored. Even after all of the fighting Cleveland did congress only came to say that they “apologize to Native Hawaiians on behalf of the people of the United States for the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom, also express our commitments to acknowledge the ramifications of the overthrow”.

This “apology” was a sincere gesture however there was no action taken to make up for America’s wrong doings. The American government should make up for their wrong doings and take action, because the right for sovereignty still goes on today. Many argue to the fact that America actually did Hawaii a favor because we would have been taken over by another imperialistic country.

They also argue to the fact that America actually never illegally annexed Hawaii they only occupy Hawaii to protect the islands. Many view Hawaii as being vulnerable and weak and with so much U.S military support Hawaiians and Hawai’i as a whole is much better off. Because of these altercations racial tensions and disdain towards one another have been created and have grown. The word “ha’a’ole” roughly translated to without breath, it was a tradition between foreigners and locals where they would press their foreheads against one another and exchange breaths.

Today these prejudices still hold true, the term has changed into “haole” which now is a derogatory or slang word referring to specifically caucasian descent individuals. In Hawaii caucasians experience discrimination almost anywhere they go. They are generalized to be are lazy and narcissistic. At schools, they get bullied because of their skin color and become victims of verbal and physical abuse. Although it is quite possible that another country could have taken Hawai’i over as well, the way America could have gone about it would definitely affect the circumstances of Hawai’i and the conflicts that arose from the problem.

To address the fact of Military support as well, in a world full of anger and wars protection is a key asset and congress enacted more than 150 statutes recognizing and implementing a special political and trust relationship with the Native Hawaiian community . Yet how does having military aid and a “special” poltical relationship correlate at all with Hawai’i being independent. The simple fact is that Hawai’i can still be aided and apart of the U.S but does that necessarily mean both areas will be living under the same standards? In the end we can really see that actions can be taken to make up for the wrongdoings that have happened in the past.

Everyday in Hawai’i there are still many Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians) still protest and fight for the sovereignty that they deserve. Hawaiians continue to fight against the wrong doing laid upon their land, most Hawaiians are fine to adopt and coexist with not only Americans, but with any culture as well. Hawaiians just really want back what was wrongfully taken away from them and be able to govern themselves. A once thriving independent kingdom taken away to never be seen again.

In Hawai’i there is a saying that goes “He kehau ho’oma’ema’e ke aloha” which can translate to “Love is a cleansing dew”. Hawaiians as people are very forgiving and although it may be unlikely for America to completely drop Hawaii, it would be better for the people and for America if they simply re-establish our own government.

There has never been a better time to take action, reparations deserve to be given to the people of Hawaii. It is not likely at all that Hawai’i will ever regain full monarchy under American influence, but, there is a chance that some action can be taken to give some allowance in restoring part of the Kingdom of Hawai’i. America should list Hawai’i as a territory just like Guam, it would not directly affect anything to do with American ties with hawai’i it would simply give hawaiians what they wants. It’s a realistic plus for both places and would positively benefit hawaiian and american relations.

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