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HIPAA and Problem of Using Smartphones in Health Care Settings

Introduction Social media is now overrunning our society, in personal, professional, and in private actions. Social media offers innumerable open doors to the available information online for people of all ages. As with all commodities, there are advantages as well as disadvantages to world full of people using computer-mediated technologies. According to “Nurses’ Self-Reported Use…

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HIPAA and Using Technologies in Health Care

Health care workers are entrusted with a variety of patient information. There is so much information that is at leisure for healthcare workers to truly do whatever they feel. We Can, but Dare We? Nurses in particular are charged with the patient’s everyday care. They spend the most time with the patients and eventually forms…

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HIPAA Security Violations

Healthcare organizations are subject to quite a few rules and regulations. It is common to find an individual person inside or the organization that sole job is to ensure that these said rules and regulations are followed. It is imperative for these health regulations and laws in reference to the technology are followed and avoid…

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HIPAA and Other Information Security Standards

Introduction Information is an asset of every organization and information management plays a crucial role in an organization’s ability to compete in the marketplace. An important aspect of protecting critical electronic information is to implement appropriate security frameworks because they reduce risk and the organization’s exposure to vulnerabilities. There are a number of industry-specific security…

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