Brief History of Hawaii State

Updated June 26, 2021

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Brief History of Hawaii State essay

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Then in 1887 Liliuokalani took the throne due to the king’s death. The first thing the queen acted upon was new improved constitution the reason for this was because she was demanded to sign the Bayonet Constitution. This constitution reduced the power of monarchy along with her own power (Barbra Peterson, 1838-1917, para 4). Her upgraded version of this constitution would make her more powerful and adjust the balance of politics. Nevertheless the business were not satisfied with her suggestion so they impacted her from her standing position.(Nstate, 2016, para 4).

Political transformation commenced in 1945. The plantation possession had broke due to immigrant workers who were born in Hawaii also the United States. The next move they made they voted against the Republican Party of Hawaii because they had the plantation support. All of Hawaii votes went to the Democrats so that gave them 20 more points nevertheless the Republican won (Red States outnumber blue for the first time in Gallup Tracking, n.d , 2016, para 9).

On that account statehood begin to be the topic. In June 1959, the citizens of Hawaii were given a poll to vote on statehood, ninety four point three agreed on the statehood (Commemorating 50 years of statehood, nd, 2014, para 4) becoming a non self government.

December 7, 1941 marks a date when something unexpected happened (History.com editors, 2009, para 1). Numerous amount of Japanese war fighters bombarded the Pearl Harbor. To be more specific the fighters aimed for the airfields they even hit the fled anchorced (Overview of The Pearl Harbor Attack ,7 December 1941, nd, 2017, para 10). This ambush demolished twenty watercrafts and killed a lot of american soldiers. This event pushed forward into World War II. In the result of that making Hawaii become part of country, the fifty state.

Generally, the Aloha state constitution and the United States constitution have plenty of things in common. The comparisons that these two documents have is that they all have the three basic branches; executive, legislative, and judicial. In addition to Independent state agencies. Let’s start off with their executive branch. The president of the United States is the main head running (U.S. Constitution, art.2 , sec 1). The legislative branch dispute the laws and take a vote on them. Another similarity these two have in common is that they were both redited a great deal of time (The Constitution State of Hawaii, nd, 2019, para 2).

Although these two constitutions have more differences than similarities. For instance, the United States constitution was amended seventeen times as for Hawaii eleven times. Hawaii Preamble is different from the U.S. Preamble, Hawaii describes how dedicated they are with their islands “We, the people of Hawaii, grateful for Divine Guidance, and mindful of our Hawaiian heritage and uniqueness as an island State, dedicate our efforts to fulfill the philosophy decreed by the Hawaii State motto” ( The constitution of the state of Hawaii, Preamble, sec 1, 1978).

One more thing to add onto their differences is that the United States has ten bill of rights though the Aloha state has twenty. Moreover on the U.S. constitution there articles break down each department of the branches (The Constitution:What does it say?, nd, 2016, para 1).

Hawaii population has continually grown throughout the times. At this present time the population number is 1,416,589 (Hawaii Population, 2019, para 1). Hence there’s a lot of people to be looked over. David Ige is the eighth governor of Hawaii. David was elected December 1,2014 and is a democrat. Just like any place Hawaii has a criminal justice system. There county clerk are accountable for Legislative duties (Office of the county clerk, County of Hawaii , para 1). This state also has County Council which is a fair hearing for any crime and non crime committed.

Hawaii is recognized to be the tropical tourist place to visit. With that being said, How does one hawaiin function in everyday life. The commoners became waiters or servants in some hotels and restaurants (Employment and Economic Traditions, nd, para 54). Transportation is essential in everyday life. Hawaii is working on better transportation system for the future but for now they have something called bike sharing. It’s an act of assistance anybody can pick up a bike from any bike station and return to any other bike station when done (Bike Sharing, Hawaii gov, para 10).

When you hear the word Hawaii you probably think about coconuts and hula dancers. Well there’s more to Hawaii than that. Their culture is what there really known for. Hula is a cultural dance (Facts about Hawaii, Cherran, 2013, para 2). Let’s not forget about their traditional meals. Poi is one of their tradditionals , It’s a filler starch meal. Poi is light purple thick paste made from the root taro (Poi, Weins M, 2012, para 5). A unique custom is when you greet people you must kiss them on the cheek.

To briefly summarize the Aloha state it took quite a lot of time and numeros event for it to become of our region. Hawaii isn’t really part of our country its off to the coast but they still have the same operations as we do. Hawaii developed overtime and came up with all these beautiful new activities and landmarks. The system of the Aloha state is incredible they talk about the people and the island never about power or positions. This is the Aloha state and how remarkable it turned out.

Brief History of Hawaii State essay

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