7 Amazing Science Fiction Technologies that Really Exists

Updated June 28, 2021

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7 Amazing Science Fiction Technologies that Really Exists essay

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Now a days we are surrounding with amazing science fiction technologies that bring a great revolution in the modern era. These sci-fi technologies were the part of science fiction movies and commit books in early 1970s. A true fact about scientists and engineers is that they were take their inspiration from science fiction movies and documentaries. They try to invent those science fictions technologies which they were scene in their childhood’s movies.

Here are 7 Amazing Science Fiction Technologies discussed that were the part of past and now really exist.

Flyboard Air

Scientist and engineers always tried to reduce the size of flying objects. Flyboard concept is used in many science fiction movies. Back to future (1989) and Man in Black are one of these movies but to make a perfect design of flyboard is really a tough task.

Flyboard is basically a type of hoverboard or jetpack normally designed for one person. It is powered by gas turbine. Flyboard Air is first invented by Franky Zapata, founder of Zapata Racing and a French water-craft rider. In April 2019 his flyboard achieved a Guinness World Record for farthest flight of 2,252.4 m. The Flyboard is powered by 5 gas turbines and the fuel used to run the turbine is kerosene.

The maximum load capacity is 102 kg and it has 10 to 12 minutes flight time with one fuel tank. The Zapata Racing claims that it can achieve the speed of 150-170 Km/h and its maximum flight altitude is 3000 m. Zapata Racing is also trying to improve its flight time and noise issues. They also claim that they are trying to develop their sci-fi technologies for military, medicine, entertainment, and industrial sectors.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Virtual gaming is one of the main parts of science fiction technologies. In beginning gaming appears in only 2d form and is not a good source of gaming entertainment. Gamers always want to experience a real-world scenario. Modern sci-fi technologies fulfill these requirements with VR gaming. VR gaming is new generation of computer gaming with virtual reality gaming technology that experience the player just like real world scenario.

By using variety of VR gaming devices participants can experience and influence the gaming environment. These devices include sensor-equipped gloves, VR headsets, hand controllers and many more. Unlike conventional gaming in which other player’s characters is behind or moving around the players character, VR gaming feel like the player seeing the movement and action directly from his character’s eye.

The system required for playing VR gaming are specialized game consoles, standalone system, and using advanced PCs and laptops that can support the leading VR headsets such as Lenovo Mirage Solo, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Moreover, Virtual Reality technology is also used in many others field just like in virtual studio, virtual studies, and virtual training.

Universal Translator

Universal translator is a device which can convert your language into any language of the universe. The concept of universal translator has been introduced in many commit books and sci-fi movies when humans encounter with aliens.

Universal translator is one of the interesting and important science fiction technology. The universal translator is first appeared in Murry Leinster’s novel “First Contact” in 1945. The science fiction movies like Star Track, Men in Black, The Hitchhiker’s’ Guide to the Galaxy, and Doctor Who etc. also show the concept of universal translator.

Since we are not yet encounter with any alien species the modern translator converts different languages of earth. In 2014 the Sigmo Translator is introduced which can convert 25 different languages into desired language. It is a small size device which connect with your iOS or android device and convert your language by using existing services. So, whether you are ordering to a Chinese hotel or talking with Spanish friend it can help to convert language.

Travis Touch Go is another type of translator which can convert your language into 155 different languages. Travis touch go used a built in eSIM card. Simply select your data package or you can also connect it with your Wi-fi or mobile hotspot. Travis touch go use the power of twenty translation engine and Artificial Intelligence to provide a best translation. These sci-fi technologies ease the way to communicate with the peoples of different countries.

3D Printer

Among all other science fiction technologies 3D printing technology becomes more necessary in these days. Industrial process is a huge and lengthy process to make any product. Since many equipment is required to make complex structures. 3D printing technology resolve this issue. 3D printing concept was firs introduce in 1974 by David E. H Jones. He wrote about this in his regular column Ariadne in the journal ‘New Scientist”.

3D printing is basically an additive manufacture process in which 3D objects are made layer by layer. 3D objects are made in different 3D printing software like Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Fusion 360, TinkerCAD, Ultimaker Cura, Creo, Solidworks, and MeshLab.

The material used in 3D printer is available in liquid paste or powder form. 3D printer also becomes a basic need of space industries. Once the mining of different material starts from planets, different structures, and objects (Home, vehicles, and tools etc.) can be made by 3D printer.

Powered Exoskeleton

Powered Exoskeleton is one of the oldest science fiction technology used in battlefield. In 1890 Russian engineer Nicholas Yagn developed an exoskeleton-like device. It was a passive Exoskeleton and use compressed gas bags to store energy to assist in movement. Later on, many projects were developed on Powered Exoskeleton technology. Many Sci-fi movies like Avatar and Iron Man also use the idea of powered exoskeleton.

Powered Exoskeleton is a mechanical wearable machine which increase the strength of human limb movement. It is powered by pneumatic, levers, electric motors, hydraulics, and combination modern science fiction technologies. Powered Exoskeleton increase the power of shoulders, back bone, and legs etc. and helps to lift and hold heavy items. Powered Exoskeleton are used in medical, military, civilian and industrial areas. Many industries like DARPA and NASA are trying to upgrade it for military and space programs.

A.I. Assistance

Virtual Assistance or A.I Assistance is a software agent which can perform tasks and services on voice command of applicants. The idea of A.I Assistance technology was first represent in 1911 by Radio Rax. It was a toy dog which comes out from his house upon calling his name.

Many science fiction movies like A Space Odyssey’s Hall 9000, Alien Covenant, Interstellar, Mother, and Iron Man use the idea of A.I Assistance. In Iron Man movie, Tony Stark talk and command to JARVIS (A.I Assistance) to perform different task like calling his friend, paint his suit, and search for someone.

The first modern A.I Assistance was introduced in iPhone 4s on October 4, 2011. Later on, different A.I Assistance like, Alexa from Amazon, Cortana from Microsoft, Google Assistance, Elsa Speak, Fyle, Socratic, and Hound was introduced.

The basic purpose of these A.I Assistance technology is to remind the user about appointments, set alarm, reading text or email messages aloud, placing phone calls, scheduling, search anything from internet and entertain their users. The modern A.I Assistance technologies are installed in smart phones, Automobiles, Airplanes, latest homes, offices, and shopping malls.

Ray Guns

Ray Guns also known as laser guns, death ray or beam gun are science fiction weapons which release energy due to destructive effect. Ray gun concept is shown in many sci-fi movies especially in which aliens attack on earth. When they fire from ray gun it emits a ray or arc of light which kills humans or blast things. Many science fictions movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, Lost in Space, Captain America, Enders Games and Men in Black shown ray gun technology.

In reality laser sci-fi technology are used in medical, industries and army weapons. One of the laser weapons is AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System or XN-1 LaWS. This weapon is developed by US navy in 2014. The weapon was installed on “USS Ponce”. The US navy report the AN/SEQ-3 Laser Weapon System works perfectly under the conditions of low-end asymmetric threats. The commander of the Ponce is allowed to use the use the system as a defense system in battlefield.

Scientist and engineers are trying to improve these sci-fi technologies so that they succeed in making ideas true. These are few science fiction technologies that are discussed here. Scientist and engineers have solved many mysteries of modern technologies. Now they are trying to solve other mysteries like teleportation and time machine etc.

7 Amazing Science Fiction Technologies that Really Exists essay

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