Swimming is My Hobby

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Beep!!! My body releases from the coils upward position as my head darts up and my eyes are searching to the hole that I am going to slide through. I focused on the it and my hands tucked in with my head I prepare to dive in my knees are trembling nave I am 12 above the water and as I am in position my reflection stares right back at me. the center of the lane appears as a runway from the position I was. The water can tell how nervous I am. the water is calm and smooth and waiting for me to dive as I prepare the glassy blueness will be turned into a churning white mass. My body explodes in a matter of seconds and the race is coming and it looks like the clock and the pool are partners in crime and they are against me. the seconds follow my stroke after stroke and just felt like I am running in a runway and no end to it.

My hobby is to swim. I am a swimmer. I started as a beginner and never thought I was going to be a swimmer in my High Schools Swim Team. I remember I was scared to put my head in the water and thought the first thing I was going to do was drown I remember having to hold on to the wall as my instructor told us you have to take the fear away and so I the first one to let go and as I go on I remember I swallowed water and had fear of the water and more than I already had but I didn’t quite because I saw swimmers in a higher rank more pull all their trust in their instinct and let their passion supersede their fears.

This inspired me to keep on going and never let my fears stop me. What also inspired me to keep on going was my mom taking me and never stop taking me she had a lot of faith that I will get far, and I thank her because all of trips to the public pool were highlights of my childhood and thought me a lot. It is inconvincible and unbelievable that I’ve been swimming for almost five years. I been in all types of teams like Swim Team, Water polo, synchronized swimming and now currently in my High Schools Swim Team which I will never forget how many things and all kind of experience I’ve had.

I had great accomplishment in all of these, from medals to time or second loses of speed in each stroke. Participating in these teams I realized that swimming exists as both as an individual and a team sport. Creating personal bonds with special people and coaches being your mentor this is great because in life you always need a person that knows well the sport to teach you the technique or to guide you thru it. I remember that the pool was like a “water cleanse” and that what it does as I jump in the water I feel like the off-loads of my day or stressful day I take it out there and cool off. Swimming is a sport in which any one can do but it can be challenging and competitive it is hard but not everyone does it because they are scared they might drown.

I feel like if you’re scared of the water the more fear you have water accommodates on how you receive it many people panic and they can sink you have to be able to stay calm and float there is no way you can get away with water. Swimming teaches you discipline in which you must commit to push thru and tough workouts improves the ability to commit schoolwork and catch upon elusive ideas. The bond you make with people and teammates is wonderful and has made me understand the loyalty and friendship. I am very thankful for my parent and demanding coach. I really like to help other teammates that are struggling and have trouble with their technique and help them for example them how to properly do a flip turn.

Swimming is a wonderful sport that taught me a lot it taught me patience and I really appreciate all the people that support me in this sport and my parents for getting me into this sport it has taught me hurdles can be overcome and dedication is the root to success.

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Is swimming is a hobby?
Yes, swimming can be considered a hobby. Many people enjoy swimming for recreation and exercise.
Why do I love swimming?
I love swimming because it's a great workout and it's also a lot of fun.
Why swimming is your favorite hobby?
I love swimming because it is a great workout and it is also very relaxing.
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