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Baseball stadiums

Dodger Stadium also known as the “pitchers” ball Park is a world-class baseball park situated in Elysian Park near the city of Los Angeles in California. It is the home field for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, as well as, a venue for other National and Major League games (DeFrank, 2016). The origin of…



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American Football and Baseball

There have been many curious things that I have learned since I have been in the U.S. but there is one thing that I have not been able to understand and that is American sports. I love sports and I have been a fan of many of them for a long time, so when I…



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Dominican Baseball – Book Review

This is a review of the book, Dominican Baseball New Pride, Old Prejudice by Alan Klein. This book focuses on how the game of baseball is played in the Dominican Republic. It is very different from how Americans play and view the sport. This review focuses on the key aspects of how the game is…


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How to Play Baseball

Baseball Baseball, a game played with a bat and ball by two teams of nine players on a diamond shaped field with four bases marking the course of the batters where they must take to score runs. The goal of baseball is to prevent a player from the rival team from reaching the base, i.e.,…


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Doping in Baseball and MLB Organiation

Baseball within the recent years has become such a huge sport and has created such a huge fan base for the sport itself. The MLB franchise has created such huge name for itself in a positive and negative way. The many controversial issues that occur within baseball are mainly brought on by the players. One…


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Differences Between Baseball and Football Compare And Contrast

Baseball and Football share some similar traits, but they also contrast each other in a lot of different ways. Baseball requires a lot of skills, knowledge, and thinking fast, although football requires you to be aggressive and be ready for the next down or make another great play. In baseball you have to throw, hit,…



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Differences Between Baseball and Softball

Softball and baseball are both really competitive sports for both boys and girls of all ages. Not only do they provide entertainment and exercise, but they are also a skill required to learn to play the sport. Baseball and softball are very similar, but also very different. Although baseball and softball seem different they are…


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How I started playing baseball

I’m sure you all know the sport called baseball. If you don’t well baseball is a ball game played between two teams of nine on a field with a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases. It is played chiefly in the US, Canada, Latin America, and East Asia. I\’ve always been a fan of playing baseball….


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Why i like baseball

Sports have become a big part in American’s pastimes throughout the years. They are rapidly growing in popularity. Football and Baseball are both sports that people enjoy but due to the nature of football, it is more appealing to fans. Professional Football and Baseball games are both played in huge stadiums across America. Football games…



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Baseball to me is more than just a game!

Baseball is a passion, fueled by the desire to succeed, the eagerness to overcome, and the dedication to be great. My life is perceived to be limitless when I was in between that fence. Taking cuts on the tee, setting up a pickup game that didn’t matter who won or lost, or perhaps on those…



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Number of teams: 30

Current champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

Headquarters: New York, NY

Founder: National Association of Base Ball Players

Subsidiaries: American League, National League, Rawlings, Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities, MLB.TV

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