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Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

OCBs are those behaviors demonstrated by employees that are above and beyond the scope of the attendant’s job and may not be formally recognized by the organization and because they are not formally recognized these behaviors are not rewarded by the organization. There are five main categories of OCB and these categories are altruism, courtesy,…


Social Psychology,


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Sportsmanship and Teamwork in Three Sports

My name is Emmett Polsky. The school I am attending has been Inter-American Magnet School since Pre-K. This school is Spanish-immersion, so I’ve had the opportunity to learn Spanish in my years and as a result, I am now fluent in English and Spanish. Something that has shaped my life experience is my love for…



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Sportsmanship and sports, in general, have been a huge part of human culture for millennia. Participating in sporting events has been a noble activity since the times of Ancient Greece or maybe even further back in time. If you want to write a sportsmanship essay, you may focus on the history of sports and talk about how sports events have been evolving throughout the ages. You can write a sportsmanship definition essay discussing what can be considered sportsmanship. Is competitive video gaming a sport? Is lifting weights at the gym a sport? These are the topics you might discuss, or you can write an essay on the spirit of sportsmanship and how it drives exceptional individuals to accomplish extraordinary results in their field. There are lots of topics to think about here, so do not limit yourself and be creative. As a student, you may yourself participate in sporting activities, so you can discuss your own experience too.

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