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Swimming is My Hobby

Beep!!! My body releases from the coils upward position as my head darts up and my eyes are searching to the hole that I am going to slide through. I focused on the it and my hands tucked in with my head I prepare to dive in my knees are trembling nave I am 12…

My Hobby,


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Are These 5 Swimming Pool Myths True or Not?

Having an extravagant swimming pool in our backyards is what we all fancy about. But at times we restrain ourselves from having that luxury of experiencing a spectacular lifestyle. Quite often they are the myths that pool owners have apprehended or have overheard about constructing a swimming pool in our backyards. While some of them…


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New Pool Owners Guide to Manage a Swimming Pool

Constructing a swimming pool is an amazing way to enhance your outdoor living experience. It adds an extra complimentary factor to your housing dream and an impressive elegant touch to bewitch your guest. Right from the amusing summer parties with your friends to spending a beautiful romantic evening with your partner, having a customized exquisite…


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Ostensive and Proxemics Practices of Three Teachers with Contrasting Profiles in Teaching Swimming

In addition, we note a convergence between the two teachers in terms of the number of verbal ostensions (22/26) and disguised ostensions (2/3) used by both. Indeed, Anis used disguised ostension in order the last form to adjust the didactic distance in regards to the students during his interventions according to their intentions and their…


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Six Things to Know about being in Aquagirl Swimming Team

Being an NCMP Aquagirl has proven to be one of the best experiences of my life. Being an Aquagirl means I get to swim on a high school team made up of girls from Newton, Colfax, Mingo, Pella, and Prairie City Monroe. We form a bond like sisters. Our swimming improves as we work hard…


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Ideas to Make Night Swimming Safer and more Beautiful

An ambiance with perfect lighting can take your night swimming experience to the next level. Who doesn’t like the idea of relaxing in the swimming pool at night? To embellish it more many commercial pool owners consider spending enough amount on outdoor lights. It also makes the experience safer and more beautiful. If you are…


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Benefits of Swimming

A lavish swimming pool in your backyard could be the favourite part of your home. Imagine coming home from a hectic day only to find the glittering water tempting you to dive in! It is the best therapy you can prescribe for yourself. However, a swimming pool does more than that. It has its own…


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