Speech on Human Rights Argumentative Essay

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Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers, and students. I chose to talk about the topic of Human Rights as it holds great significance in our lives, especially in today’s time as abuse of human beings is increasing day by day. To ensure a fair and just society, it is extremely important or people to have rights and freedom in life and a person without rights would be known as slaves and no one should be or be treated like a slave at all.

Important points to remember about human rights is that every one of us should be allowed to express our ideas freely without the fear of being punished, although people should be free, they should not be free from everything, and governments should be governed by the people and for the people.

Human rights are rights which people from all over the world are entitled to by virtue of birth and nationality, considered to be essential to any human being no matter their language, nationality, religion, race, etc. These rights should let a man live life under no threat or fear of anything. Countries around the world do have their own different set of human rights which its citizens have a right to but every right provide each of its citizens to not discriminate among each other and have equal rights.

Every one of us wants freedom some way whatever form or shape it is right? Giving freedom of speech to people would also strengthen society and would allow people to express how they feel about certain things and could eventually lead to more freedom, as well as a happy society. This further concludes that giving people more rights to have freedom of speech is a step in creating a free society. And due to the fact that it is unfair for someone to not be able to say what they think and want, giving freedom of speech would not only create a free society but it is also a just and fair action.

To conclude this point, not giving someone the freedom of speech that they deserve is someone who is enslaved. That someone is living under someone else’s rules that is not created by themselves and living a life against their will and is probably being forced to do so.

People need to be free and should be free, but not it shouldn’t be from everything. If we were free from everything that would be perfect right? Not quite an ideal world if you think about it. A world in which everything is was free would not be perfect. People need to be bound together by rules in order to ensure peace in society. The world would not be in order and people would just be going around doing whatever they want and can if there were no rules that you couldn’t do anything.

And if people did not follow certain rules then people would not be together as a community, instead, everyone would just be scattered in groups of individuals hoping to survive with no one leading or helping each other. This case would happen because everyone disagrees about something and this would lead to people breaking apart from each other when they disagree and this could happen over and over again until everyone supports only themselves.

That’s why we have rules and penalties to keep our society in order and peaceful. There should always be some sort of penalty for someone who breaks the rules or laws that were developed on purpose. This method is also very effective in holding society together in an orderly fashion. But we also need to keep in mind that these penalties and laws should be developed in order to secure justice and fairness and should be developed for the people and by the people.

The last thing I want to point out is that the government should be governed for the people and by the people. People should come together as one and govern themselves to form and determine their own laws without other people or people on top like the monarch or a dictator. The dictator or monarch would just rule over everyone and take away their rights such as the peoples’ freedom of speech.

Governments should always support freedom of speech for the people, and a government that supports the freedom of speech would be a government that supports freedom for the people. Freedom of speech and freedom, in general, is a just and fair government.

To sum up, everything that has been stated, everyone should be allowed to express their ideas freely without any fear of punishments and government should govern for the people and by the people in order to have a fair and just society. And people should be free, but not from everything. It is important to know that everyone must follow guidelines in order to have peace and safety and that everyone should have rights and freedom.


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