Shifting Attitudes: From Exploration to an Aggressive Monopoly

Updated August 4, 2022

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Shifting Attitudes: From Exploration to an Aggressive Monopoly essay

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A charter was issued to the company of English Literature traders trading in Hudson Bay which gave them monopolies on all the trades in the area. British Government increases monopoly allowance for 21 years. Constitutional Amendment Provides Pre-Preparation for Inclusion of Corporate Land and Confederation of Northwest Territories. HBC hold regional rights but loses without business license. Then, HBC is a Canadian company and they open various businesses.

Indigenous people are haunted fur from animal and Hudson Bay Company began to trade with them. Thus, HBC grant some rights in charter to begin trade with Native/indigenous people. So, Fur the company can handle with aboriginal individuals for good results from the organization.

Authority for the HBC charter to make such a framework to regulate an organization and is simply supported on trading to explore the business. There are some right rules or obligation over there. The charter was written by “King Charles” of England on May 2, 1670.

The Charter received parliamentary confirmation despite lobbying with competing interests to eliminate HBC’s monopoly. The charter provided a special business license to the Hudson Bay Company. Hudson Bay Company later transferred its Regional License to Canadian Government.

Whose Land is it anyway?

There is one of the vital connections between these two. It is solely concerning aboriginal individual providing settlement authorities in Canada so, they will use their land. Moreover, they can own their land and use money over there for better income. By this they can came out from poverty and use land appropriate way to increase their economy because they have many land resources by which they can make their own image in every region of Canada. There was no effort by Canada to demand the consent declared within the Royal Proclamation that recognized the requirement for a treaty for the possession and use of our land to our countries and tribes.

This point is too important because it may give might to indigenous people to using the land with their own rights. Moreover, they get equal rights as Canadian individuals have within the Canada. So, they can use equal resources for the betterment of the future. They can also live their life happy by getting better income from their land which they own.

Shifting Attitudes: From Exploration to an Aggressive Monopoly essay

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Shifting Attitudes: From Exploration to an Aggressive Monopoly. (2022, Jul 29). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/shifting-attitudes-from-exploration-to-an-aggressive-monopoly/

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