School Management and Leadership

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The constitution of South Africa includes the Human Rights Act which addresses respect and being humane. This holds implications for the management of the school environment. According to Article 9(2) of the schools’ Act, learners may be expelled from school after they have been found guilty of serious acts of misbehaviour after a reasonable and fair hearing. The school governing body after having conducted a disciplinary hearing, makes a suitable recommendation and has to decide within 14 days if a learner should be expelled or not. This investigation will deal with the handling and management of learners experiencing behavioural problems and the role players involved therewith. An investigation is also done to find successful solutions to resolve misbehaviour in the school. Furthermore, the replacing and acceptance of such learners in the school environment in order that they may function successful in the school. (Joubert 2015: 194)


Learners are expected to behave in an acceptable manner on the playground and in the classroom. The classroom has to be a safe environment for all learners and currently this is not happening. Educators are experiencing huge problems managing learners with behavioural problems in the classroom and in the school environment. Different schools have different ways of dealing with such problems. Learners’ safety is a vital aspect and other learners’ bad behaviour can impact on other learners in the classroom and the school environment. Transfer of communication also creates a problem.

This provides me with the opportunity of investigating the management of learners with behavioural problems and to find effective solutions to this problem. The background information will include a literature review with a historical perspective which would be relevant and accurate. Some behavioural problems are often pleas for help. The educator should not see such learners as rebellious learners they should on the contrary be given the help that they crave for such problems such as divorce, a failed romantic relationship and weak examination results can be the likely causes of such behaviour. (van Deventer 2016: 96)

Statement of the Problem

The problem that educators are currently experiencing is that learners do not display respect for educators and others learners. These learners disrupt classes and create problems between themselves and fellow-learners as well as between themselves and the educators. (Bezuidenhout 2013: 10)

Research Questions

  • What is the most effective way to manage learners with behavioural problems successfully in the school environment?
  • Which role-players need to be incorporated in the search for solutions for learners’ problems?
  • What causes such behavioural problems?
  • Does effective follow-up investigations follow on the progress made by such learners after meaningful counselling? (Mertens 2015: 204)


Research design

The focus is on research design which entails the plan or strategy which the investigator will follow in this investigation, certain methods and procedures will be adopted on how to collect and analyse data. This study will make use of a qualitative presentation. A bask quality presentation will interpret the experience of people as well as the meaning of their experience. Data will be collected and collated by means of the participation of stakeholders. The participants should feel free to provide the necessary information. Interviews, observation and documents will be used in this investigation.

People will be encouraged to give their opinions by means of questions which will be given to them. This study will be scrutinised by means of a case study. Cases studies are based on reality. Participants’ cognition and feelings experienced in a given situation will be scrutinised. Schools will serve as a case study. Ethics will also be taken into consideration. The aim of this study is to find suitable solutions for the management of learners with behaviour problems. The school will be used in the study. Sampling will include the school principal, staff members and members of the governing body who will be implicated in the investigation. All stakeholders will also be interrogated to find a solution to this problem.

Their feelings towards the project will be determined. The objective is firstly to help educators who have to work with learners who display behavioural problems. A suitable strategy has to be defined and refined which n assist educators with the management of such learners. Secondly the aim will be to find the causes of such behaviour and to provide strategies for the effective management of such learners after their participation in counselling. (Lodico 2006: 363)

Value of the Study

The investigation will contribute knowledge in the field of education and management. Secondly the gained strategies will help stakeholders with the management of learners with behavioural problems. Thirdly the study will reveal if learners’ counselling was effective or not and whether they will be sufficiently rehabilitated to take their places in the school environment. (Lane 2015: 208)


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