Reading E-books and Hardcover Books

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In our modern-day schools, most will find iPads, laptops, E-readers, etc. Not many textbooks or reading books are found in larger schools. However, the hardcover books are still sold around the world and many people still enjoy the feeling of a hardcover book. Both methods can change the prices of purchase, mental health, and change a child’s perspective on reading and perspective.

Now a days, most people want everything online. All their information and books are on a laptop or phone. E-books are also online, but the price to purchase an E-book has skyrocketed. The price of a book app, like Audible, costs $14.95 a month to use alone. While their books are cheaper, the cost to use the app is expensive. Compare that to a hardcover book that costs 15-20 dollars. It’s easier to get a physical book and keep it if you want to. The sales in E-books have decreased due to the prices. Some online book companies can charge as much as twenty dollars for a book. Now, compare that to a hardcover book. Newer books usually sell for fifteen to twenty dollars on average. Hardcover books are cheaper and were the enjoyable pastime before technology. Lower prices are just one of the many benefits that come from reading hardcovers.

While using an electronic tablet or phone to read is fun, it can also stress on your mental wellbeing. Straining your eyes to read on an electronic, especially late at night can hurt your eyes. This can cause problems for readers including headaches, blurry vision, and strain on the eyes. A hard cover book will not strain on your eyes unless you read in the dark. Reading a book is a nice way to wind down at night and relax your mind. An electronic book will cause your brain to be more active, making it harder to wind down. It is no worse than looking at your phone before bed, it has the same effects. A paper back is a nice mental break from all your stress, and it is good for your brain. Since reading a paperback is good for your brain, is it also good for children?

Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, electronics have become popular amongst all age groups. This interest also incudes young children learning how to read. Nowadays kids use their iPads for their textbooks and their Google Classrooms. When a child is presented with an electronic, they become distracted by their devices. This can lead to a shorter attention span while the teacher is teaching. Children that have a physical book in front of them, most likely will pay more attention the teacher. Paying attention in school will benefit the children more than an electronic device would ever do for them. Every person varies, some will find that reading an actual book is more beneficial. Others are the exact opposite.

With all being said, books can be very beneficial for people of all ages. Paperback books are a very stimulating activity for the brain. Electronic books may be a suitable option for a short period of time. Reading on an electronic device can be very pricey for you budget. Physical books are good for mental health, electrical books are straining on the eyes and mentally tiring after long periods. Children are more intellectually stimulated by a physical book. An electronic book can distract kids from a task at hand in school or at home. Every person has his or her preference to what they like reading, let that choice be yours.

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