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Literary Techniques in “The Book Thief”

Mark Zusak employs a vast amount of literary techniques throughout The Book Thief. Zusak uses these techniques to give the reader a better understanding by using modern day language and literary devices. Markus uses personification, paradox, foreshadowing, and metaphors throughout the novel. One literary technique Zusak uses throughout The Book Thief is foreshadowing. The narrator,…

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The Book Thief

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Literary Devices in “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde”

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde is a novel that consists of a wide range of concepts to strengthen the context of the story. The most apparent examples from the first few chapters are, that of the contrast between good and evil i.e duality of man, foreshadowing and the…

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Literary Devices in Short Story “She Unnames Them”

The multi-awarded American sci-fi author and known for her prominent feminist beliefs Ursula K. Le Guin gives a new viewpoint on the Book of Genesis through the short story “She Unnames Them” that was first published by The New Yorkers on 1985. Le Guin takes a proposition to the patriarchal foundation carved in renowned biblical…

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Victorian Novel Book Club Discussion

Setting:19th Century England during the point when all these different beliefs. Major changes were coming due to the Industrial Revolution and there was also some religious uncertainty, and scientific advancement, also, social change made numerous Victorians rethink numerous parts of their general public and culture. Point of view: Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is in…

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“Fahrenheit 451” Literature Riview

Theme Fahrenheit 451 is open for interpretation and the reader can derive many themes as it is read. A highlighted theme in the novel is the censorship of literature over society’s freedom of imagination. In the novel, society gives up on the idea of reading and being able to escape reality through literature. Captain Beatty…

Fahrenheit 451,

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The Examination of Literary Devices in “The Yellow Wallpaper”

During the nineteenth century, women were seen as property rather than human beings with rights. Because of this ordeal, women became active feminists and social reformists in order to change their social rank in society, known as the Women’s Suffrage Movement. Among these women was Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who wrote many works pertaining to the…

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The Yellow Wallpaper

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Commentary on “Little Boy Cry” by Mervyn Morris

The poem “Little Boy Cry” by Melvin Morris describes the emotional hassle of punishing a child. Throughout the poem, Morris uses a range of emotive language and other literary techniques such as personification and alliteration to create vivid imagery as a means of getting the themes of remorse, resentment and love across to his readers….

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“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” In Patrick Henry’s Speech

In Patrick Henry’s “Speech in the Virginia Convention,” he uses many literary devices as a technique to produce a special effect in his speech. Some of the literary devices that he used were parallelism and rhetorical statements. In this speech, Patrick is trying to get some new and profound ideas across them to help them…

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Literature of Elizabeth Barrett Browning Analytical Essay

The 19th-century poet, Elizabeth Browning was a wealthy young woman who began writing when she was very young. While she died at a relatively young age, she created many successful works. While living in London with her father and siblings, she became well known in literary circles for the work she created in The Seraphim…

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The Plot and Literary Devices in Death in the Airis

One of the most effective ways of communication is through texts. Authors utilize textbooks to convey messages that affect the day-to-day activities across the social, economic, environmental, and political domain. While some writers creatively develop fiction stories to communicate, others use nonfiction accounts that influence readers and ultimately contribute to changes in the mainstream. Death…

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