Racial Tension and Inequality

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Racial tension and inequality in our justice system and society have grown over time. Trayvon Martin was a seventeen-year-old African american male, unarmed, and was shot and killed on February twenty sixth, twenty twelve by a “watchman” who was named, George Zimmerman who had also happened to be a white male. The recent unfortunate events have left many asking, why certain races have been set for societal strain.

In today’s society if you are any other race than white; you are automatically proceaved as “the villian”. The night of the incident, zimmerman had reported “a suspicious person in the area” and proceeded to follow trayvon further in his SUV. Multiple calls were made to 911 stating that two men were fighting and multiple shots had been fired . One phone call stood out from the rest, Martin’s voice was heard in the back shouting for someone to help. Trayvon’s death could possibly attributed to racial profiling. Of course because zimmerman was white and trayvon was black. Furthermore onto trayvon’s case, his death went without a judicial process, which further brought chaos on race and the case. In today’s society whomever is white is considered the “dominant” race and is socially accepted. regardless on the white “dominant” group they usually do not get affected in the process of which is against a black person.

Researching on trayvon Martin’s it was stated that multiple rallies had started up for martin and protesting the social injustice toward white men who do not face consequences for their actions. Although some people may argue that race was not a factor in this situation. If zimmerman believed that trayvon martin was so life threatening, why did he not wait for the police to show up to start engaging or standby. I believe trayvon martin was a death with no cause. More than just this case with the situation have happened. Another young black man, who died on august 9th of 2014, whose death was also without any cause.

In the terms of racial tension and inequality in our justice system, there will never be a right or wrong solution for the unfortunate events that may continue to occur. As a human society we can come to a better understanding with a person’s social institution and norms. What is expected of us should not attach to what race we are, being a different race should not distinguish what we are meant to be.

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