Psychopath and Behavior of Serial Killer

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the concept of general behavior progression of serial killers. The research provided with in this paper was originated using the most recent research available. The field of criminal justice continues to search for a pattern of behavior that expresses the massive the correlation between childhood trauma and serial murder. Furthermore, much of the information gathered does provide knowledge of methods that helps gain, understandings used to psychologically profile a serial killer. Individuals who have been traumatized as a child or a time period in their life often seek for revenge.

Hence, there has been numerous serial murders case documented around the world, but the phrase serial was original. Individuals usually have no intentions of getting caught, being as though they find a great excitement in committing murders. The term serial killer can be expressed as an illegal killing of at least two people in a sequence completed during a certain time. No two killers are the same which makes it virtually untraceable until they start killing innocent people. All in all, serial killers are more than likely to execute people as sort of mental benefit.

The characteristics of a serial killer has been studied by numerous researchers, including The Federal Bureau of Investigation whom have divided serial killers into two categories known as organized and disorganized. Likewise, the application of learning to be a serial murder, has been studied by many doctors trying to uncover factors about why individuals commit horrifying acts. Researchers have pinpointed four central fundamentals that differentiate serial killers from other murders: (1) repetition; (2) lack of a pre-existing relationship; (3) pressure to kill; (4) surplus of a clear motive. Move over, there has always been a lack of desired awareness of scholarly construction of these kinds of social problems.

The devastation of one’s trauma can occur at any given time in his or her life. Several of the articles touched bases on the fact of when children are exposed to traumatic things they suffer from a variety of crippling symptoms. Serial killers are the byproduct of many different things: trauma, death of friends or family, exploitation, abandonment, acceptance, and more. The extent of serial murder focus on the general environmental and biological factors that have influenced the development of serial murderers. Likewise, the extent of serial murders is often influenced by the actions that have happened to them over a period of time that they never dealt with. Countless number of these case usually go unsolvable due to law enforcement having limited ability of being able to profile elements of what or who can in fact obligated to doing such crimes. Generally speaking, there have been many attempts to classify serial murderers under different systems which are then determined on the evaluating ones’ characteristic behavior.

In brief, as a way of collecting data for this paper in questionnaire form, helps myself better understand how the brain structure and what motives goes through the mind of a serial murder precrime and post crime. Often, if individuals are considered a psychopath it can be expected that there will be some abnormality even when not being displayed. Moreover, though a criminal can be reflected as psychopath, someone who is considered is psychopath is not automatically reflected as a criminal, being that their motives are frequently different. Also, those who are unable to connect with the human life is not a feeling that just happens overnight it is likely a trait someone has had since they were younger. Ordinarily, those who in fact have developmental problems makes it very difficult for them to value human life and are extremely coldhearted when interacting with their victims. In order to avert forthcoming victims, expand the ability of law enforcement to notice and catch, potentially and incorporate treatment for current serial killers.


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