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Loneliness vs Sadness

In this Modern day in age a world full of technology and social media it sometimes makes you feel alone. Too many people that wouldn’t make any sense because online you can connect all over the world. Social media is a platform that most teens and adults use on a daily. They use it to…


Mental Health

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Relationship between Loneliness and Neuroticism

Like personality, loneliness can be contradictory characteristics. In a longitudinal study across 15 years, Mund and Neyer (2016) reported that loneliness influenced later neuroticism, extraversion, and conscientiousness. In a multiple cross- section studies, loneliness has been found to be connected to neuroticism and not connected with extraversion. The Big Five personality demonstrate that loneliness is…


Mental Health

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Detrimental Effects of Loneliness and Isolation on Health

Introduction Loneliness and solitude are commonly linked to detrimental health effects, whether they be physical, mental, intellectual, etc. According to a survey conducted by CIGNA in 2018, in the 20,000 U.S. adults they surveyed, most of the participants scored a 43 or higher on the UCLA Loneliness Scale. Around half of Americans reported that they…



Mental Health

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