Beating my Weaknesses 

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In our everyday life, we all face different problems that all of us should overcome. These conflicts in our life teaches us different lessons that we’ll need for our future. Different problems, different types of people, different actions, but all of us have similarities in having these challenges. I can say that we have different perspective about these challenges and each one of us define these challenges in our own words. We also have things that makes us stronger or weaker. The most common thing that these challenges do to us to make us weak, does not improve ourselves, and being lazier than what we are yesterday. One thing that contributed the highest in making me a less productive person is procrastination.

So first, let me define what procrastination is. According to Oxford dictionary, procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing something. To elaborate it, it is what most lazy people do, set aside the things they should be working on to do different things like, going to social media, sleeping and other things that are less important than their requirements, school works, and projects. According to a study conducted by Piers Steele in 2007, In 1978, 5% of the population admitted to being chronic procrastinators compared to roughly 26% of the population today. That means more people are being procrastinators up until the present day. According to some survey, 86% of high school students procrastinate and about 88% for college students, slightly higher than high school students. This means that only 12-14% of students don’t procrastinate in doing their requirements.

Personally, procrastination is a habit of mine that I can’t even control nor stop doing. It’s like a part of my daily routine to procrastinate every time we have school works or requirements to do. I can say that it is really a weakness because if I procrastinate, it may lead to failure, cramming, and stress. This weakness of mine is hard to overcome because I am totally a great example of being a lazy person. I often do things late and most of time I forget in doing things that I must be doing. Not thinking about what will happen to me if I procrastinated too much, I don’t really care if things don’t go well as planned. One example of me procrastinating too much is when I’m in school and we have lots of home works and projects to do, I usually say to myself, “Bukas nalang iyan, tinatamad ako” and ended up doing nothing. Another example is practicing Mañana habit in almost everything you need to do, always saying “Mamaya na”, “Mamaya nalang”, “Bukas na” phrases like that.

There are a lot of things that is a factor for us to procrastinate and some of those factors are fear of failure, perfectionism, low energy levels, and lack of focus. Most people take failure as a bad thing but what failure really do to us is teaching us lessons that we can use for the future. Some people fear failure that is why the procrastinate. The don’t even try to do the things they are supposed to do because they are afraid of failing. Being a perfectionism can also lead to procrastination. When you picture out a standard of what you want to do and that is actually beyond what you can reasonably expect to do, you may have a problem. If you think that you can’t possibly do what you’re expecting, it may lead to thinking that it’ll be better not doing anything than not reaching your standard of perfectionism. Having low energy level when doing things may have high possibility of not continuing it. These results to procrastination due to not being able to have that sufficient energy to do your work. Having a better lifestyle to have that high level of energy is a great thing to overcome this factor. The last thing is lack of focus in doing things. When one does not set their goals, they may lead to being directionless and not being able to reach what they’re supposed to reach. Setting goals can help us fight procrastination to encourage oneself to take action because one does not want to disappoint themselves and cause failure.

Overcoming my weaknesses is hard for me because, as I said earlier, I’m totally a lazy person. I need to change my way of living in order for me to overcome these weaknesses. I have identified three things that can help me addressing these weaknesses, Being Goal-oriented, Discipline, and Believing in yourself. Know what your goals in life are and try your very best in achieving them. Set your mind and aim for the goal you really want to achieve. Prioritize your goals before anything else. Treat yourself one in a while if you were able to defeat procrastination. Discipline yourself in doing other things and put the most important things on top of the list. Avoiding distractions can help you do things faster. Believing in yourself is the most important thing. Just like Rachel Corrie once said, Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, and don’t give up. Trust every move you take and always think positive that you’ll succeed. Believe that you can change the way of your living and doing things you prioritize.

Each one of us has our own strengths and weaknesses in life. Each one of us has our own action towards the challenges we face. We have our own different responses to these bad traits that we have. Knowing what makes you weak will help you to improve for the better. My procrastination is just a problem that I should overcome. All we have to do is to trust in oneself that we can do it and we will succeed. Change is the best way to overcome your weaknesses.


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Can you improve your weaknesses?
Yes, you can work on your weaknesses to make them strengths. However, it is also important to focus on your strengths and use them to your advantage.
How do I defeat my weaknesses?
The first step is acknowledging that you have weaknesses. After that, you can work on a plan to improve upon those weaknesses or find ways to work around them.
How do you turn your weaknesses into strengths?
You can turn your weaknesses into strengths by identifying them and then taking steps to improve upon them. By taking the time to work on your weaknesses, you can turn them into positive qualities that will help you succeed.
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