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My Experience with Yoga and Meditation

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Mental Health

Being a young, stressed and busy woman battling the stresses of her last year in college it only seemed fitting that I try expanding on my yoga and meditation practices. Prior to this assignment I really couldn’t remember the last time I acquired or expanded on a new skill. I have tried yoga once or…

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Meditation in Different Cultures and Its Effect on Mental Health

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Mental Health

Meditation is something that is practiced around the world, in hundreds of different cultures. People are aiming to grab onto the benefits that mediation bring with it; whether a person is suffering from mental illness, symptoms of anxiety or just want to better their life as a whole, meditation seems to be the answer. This…

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Stress and Meditation

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Mental Health


For many people that are like me, when I get stressed, I do not use meditation to relieve that stress. Why? Simply because meditation does not work for me. I have tried time and again to put myself in a quiet space and only focus on the end goal, which is to let all my…

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Mindfulness Meditation for Mental Health

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Mental Health

Mental Illness

The world today is cornered with an enormous challenge of exponentially rising mental health cases. In 2017, it was estimated that 792 million people suffered from at least one mental health illness (Ritchie & Roser, 2018). The population affected indicates that nearly one in ten people is a mental health disorder victim. Depression leads to…

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Benefits of Meditation for Mental Health

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Mental Health

Meditation is a body-mind exercise requiring meaningful attention spent on a belief, time, state, or experience. Other types of meditation include yoga, mindfulness meditation, Chi Gong, breathing exercises, guided meditations, and some Different kinds. Meditation cultivates the non-judgemental consciousness of the practitioner’s immediate personal and emotional state. Higher levels of perceived day-to-day strain — set…

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Best App for Meditation

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Mental Health

This whole past week I tried meditation app for the first time. I meditated everyday on my bed right after waking up. I have tried couple meditation apps before but I am not sure if I was doing it right or it helped me in any way. This time I tried headspace because I have…

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Meditation Could be Help with Stress among Students

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With an open mind, as you lay down, relax your body. Feel the warm, smooth sand run through your feet. Listen to the ocean as its waves grow bigger and wider. As the tide rises, the water gradually creeps up on your toes, then your knees, suddenly you find yourself underwater. Take three deep breaths….

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René Descartes: God and the Soul

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Rene Descartes

René Descartes was a French mathematician and scientist who also philosophized. His most famous philosophical statement is, “I think therefore I am.” He wrote a series of meditations in 1641. In his meditations, René Descartes focuses on two issues: God and the soul. He felt these two issues should be demonstrated through philosophy rather than…

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