Pharmacy is My Future Career

Updated May 22, 2021

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Pharmacy is My Future Career essay

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My desire to pursue pharmacy began at a young age. Puberty was not my friend. Not only was I a foot taller than everyone, but I also developed severe acne. I routinely visited the dermatologist, but nothing seemed to work. When picking up my prescriptions, we would often consult with the pharmacist, who was always very helpful. This first piqued my interest in the field of pharmacy.

Since then, I have immensely researched and explored this versatile profession, and believe I am in fact the perfect person for the job. At both the high school and collegiate levels, I have excelled in math and science. Not only have I excelled, but I have also enjoyed every science class I have ever taken. I always find myself wanting to know and understand more. Through both lectures and labs, I have been able to not only learn and understand, but I have also been fortunate to experience hands-on activities that have prepared me greatly for pharmacy school.

I consider myself to be a responsible, honorable, and optimistic individual. I am a people person. I can easily engage in conversation, and I am not timid when it comes to stepping up for what is right. I am involved in many campus organizations and clubs. I am outgoing and have a desire to be a leader in everything I do. I hold a leadership position in my university’s Pre-Pharmacy Society, where I help to promote the society on campus and make sure our weekly meeting run smoothly. I also have great communication skills that help me work well in groups and with other people. Organization is a must for me. Everything has to be in order so I know exactly where everything is without hesitation.

Although I have not yet had any work experience in a pharmacy, I have personally experienced what the pharmacy health profession in truly about. Pharmacists help all patients in many ways. They not only give reassurance to make sure the patient knows they are cared for, but pharmacists also hold a vast amount of information which is crucial when helping patients.

I know this the perfect career for me because of the numerous opportunities that the field of pharmacy provides. A pharmacist can do so many different things and has the freedom to work in so many different environments. I would never get bored. There is always going to be more to learn and research. No two patients or cases are ever exactly the same which makes everything unique to each individual person. Striving to be as knowledgeable as possible is a personal goal of mine, along with giving back to my community. Having direct contact with patients and being someone, they feel comfortable consulting with is also greatly important to me.

I have always been drawn to and have always desired to one day work in the medical field. Pharmacy seems to be the perfect fit for me. It is to my utmost importance that I enjoy my future profession. I have so much passion for the field of pharmacy. This is what I am called to do, and I cannot wait to see what my future holds.

Pharmacy is My Future Career essay

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