Reasons for Choosing Pharmacy as my Career

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I chose pharmacy as my career because of the considerable interest I developed towards the pharmacy field following a medical factory tour which I attended while I was in high school. After observing the operations which were undertaken within the factory, I felt the need to directly involve myself in aspects concerning medical administration to individuals hence this pushed me to choose pharmacy as a career. My goal in this case is to effectively participate in offering appropriate solutions to health problems of individuals by offering suitable drugs to meet their medical requirements.

In addition, after observing the various ways through which individuals suffered due to medical problems, I felt the need to extend my efforts towards their rescue by directly serving them within the pharmacy field. In this case I would have the capacity to provide suitable medication to them hence my goal to offer suitable medication to individuals would be realized.

The doctorate degree in pharmacy relates to my immediate as well as long term goals within my profession in various ways. For instance, it allows me to gain substantial knowledge bits concerning the field and this has the capacity to positively influence my performance. In all professional fields, knowledge is very essential because it is through it that individuals have the capacity to undertake various operations in the desired ways. This applies in my case hence I will have the capacity to meet my immediate as well as long term goals within my profession through the knowledge I will obtain through the pharmacy degree.

In addition, the pharmacy degree will help me to understand proper ways of identifying diseases within individuals by properly linking the experienced symptoms to the possible diseases as well as undertaking suitable tests to ensure that offered medication meets patient needs. This will make it possible for me to meet my goals by effectively promoting healthy living among individuals.

The ways through which my professional, educational and personal background will help me to attain my goal may be described as follows. For instance, I work within a pharmacy and I have offered my services within the pharmacy field since the year 2005. This is very helpful to me concerning my goal attainment, in that it has allowed me to obtain relevant experience within pharmacy field. I have the capacity to easily establish patient’s health problem causes and appropriate medication and therefore I will have the capacity to effectively realize my immediate as well as long term goals within my profession.

Concerning the educational background, I hold, I study pre-pharmacy and by the end of it I will have obtained useful information which will help me to serve patients well through administering appropriate medication to their problems. This is very essential as it will assist me in realizing the various goals I hold.

My personal background will also help me to realize my immediate as well as long term goals within my profession because I obtained considerable motivation towards the pharmacy profession some years back when I was in high school, following a tour to a medication factory. I therefore have inner drive towards pharmacy as a profession and it will steer me towards realization of the various goals I hold regarding pharmacy as my profession.

From the highlighted aspects above, it is apparent that through the background I hold concerning my professional, educational and personal background, I will have the capacity to meet my immediate as well as long term goals within my profession.


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