Personal Model of Leadership

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For growth and development in any field, and especially a field involving working with different sets of people, personal values and leadership qualities play a vital role to ensure the achievement of the set objectives. The values and beliefs of the leader in any organizational set up will eventually influence the organization and the surrounding community in the end, through its operations in the locality. In such a case, a leader has to uphold and inculcate the desired basic values and qualities to his/her members, and at the same time exploring various leadership styles and settling on what works best for the organization.

Values That Will Provide Foundation For My Model

At an individual level, I will show my effectiveness by acquiring the competency standards necessary for the organization. As a competent member, I will explicit the required knowledge, skills, and attributes for the tasks at hand, and provide excellent output according to the set standard. I will also be responsible and make myself reliable at all times, by filling in any gaps that may come up in the process of duty, apart from being available at all time. I will take proper care of my physical and mental health by regular checkups so that I am in the best state while undertaking my duties and boost my reliability. I will also practice self-control, so that I do not overreact in cases of disappointments by members or when am not able to meet the set goals. Through self-control, I will make sober decisions that can turn negative situations into opportunities beneficial to me others, with no future regrets about my actions.

Interpersonal relationships require great tolerance since the members come from different backgrounds, and they have different personalities, which a leader must fuse in order to achieve set objectives. I will be tolerant and encourage members to be forgiving towards each other and learn to embrace their strengths rather than focus on each other’s shortcomings. I will embrace and encourage loyalty among members, so that we are committed to the course through being consistent with providing excellent services. Loyalty to the organization will encourage us to sacrifice in order to meet the set goals, and be faithful to each other so that we eliminate any threat to achieving our goals. At organizational level, I will be imaginative, create more sophisticated working conditions and equipment in line with the current trends in the job market for every department. I will embrace teamwork by defining the roles and responsibilities of every department basing on their specialization, and encourage healthy competition among them by offering an incentive to the leading department.

Values that can influence the society include societal recognition, and I will recognize the society around the organization by showing respect for, and appreciating their culture, traditions, and general way of life. I will adhere to the beliefs of the members of my organization as well as the society that we serve and give them the liberty to practice their own culture without showing discrimination basing on their culture. I will also create an environment free from war and conflict, by creating a just and fair conflict resolution process, and promote coexistence between the members of the organization and the society. I will promote positive attitude towards environmental protection by guiding activities such as waste disposal systems within the organization that may easily lead to environmental pollution.

Leadership Behaviors That Will Result From The Values

Out of competency, I will be thorough and excellent in all my commitments, with no room for avoidable errors in my work. This will make me outstanding in all my undertakings and be the preferred client by many, boost my self-esteem and encourage me to go for greater heights. As a responsible member, I will be committed to my work and allow no gaps by always being available for duty. This availability will allow me to beat deadlines and avoid last minute rush that may lead to shoddy output and give a negative impression of me. Responsibility for my physical and mental health will enable me to generate excellent performance and beat my previous records, and enable me to achieve the newly set goals. With self-control, I am able to contain my feelings when I am disappointed with my own failures or those of others and make an appropriate course of action.

The rectification of personal errors that contributed to the failure will make ma a better person, who is able to admit mistakes and learn from them. At interpersonal level, tolerance will make me to admit my own failures and be more willing to forgive a teammate when they fail. This will pose a good example for others who will equally tolerate each other and focus on shaping their strengths rather than divide basing on their weaknesses and result in higher achievement of set goals. I will show loyalty to the organization by sticking to its policies, rules and regulations, as well as keeping confidential any sensitive matters. This will encourage the members to also pledge their loyalty, and stick to the main agenda of the team. At organizational level, I will provide the necessary working conditions and equipment for every department so that members can show their creativity and innovativeness and come up with market-relevant services and products. With this, the organization will be able to maintain its relevance in a highly competitive environment.

I will facilitate regular departmental meetings whereby we can meet as teams and analyze our progress towards achieving set goals. At societal level, I will show respect for the variety of cultures of members within and without the organizational set up, treat all person equally regardless their unique aspects. This will promote peace and harmony, and embracing environmental protection by having a waste disposal system that is environmentally friendly will help prevent pollution and avoid unnecessary conflict with members of the society.


Authentic leadership embraces both personal values and those of others, which when incorporated, will always create an excellent environment for excellent productivity. When a leader has both social and emotional intelligence, he/she is able to work with different sets of people harmoniously and improve the outcomes of the organization.

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