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Watson’s Theory of Caring in Nursing Practice

The Twenty-First Century has blessed the medical world with a myriad of technological advances: superior health care and training mechanisms, increased patient safety, effective care coordination between different physicians and medical facilities, more efficient equipment, expedited lab results, thorough documentation of care for patient’s access, and so on (Rauv, 2017). On the flip-side, too many…



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Watson’s Theory of Caring in Connection with My Nursing Philosophy

The purpose of this paper is to explore how my personal worldview, religious beliefs, cultural background and spiritual philosophy apply to my practice as a nurse and to explore nursing theories that coincide with my beliefs. Jean Watsons theory of caring is like my beliefs as a Christian as it provides guidelines on how to…



Personal Philosophy

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Role of Caring in Nursing Profession

Introduction The nursing profession demands the effective provisional care to medical clients regardless of their tribal diversity.in the first medical scenario,the thesis is applied to integrate the customal competencies of nursing into their nursing profession. These improves the health results of the client since their norms and values network are incorporated and highly regarded in…



Nursing Profession

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Barriers Faced by Nurses Caring for End-of-life Patients

Florence Nightingale believed that nursing care transcended beyond the simple duties of keeping the patients dressed, cleaned, and feed. The mother of modern nursing warrant that a nurse was capable of managing the overall health, recuperation, and survival of his/her patients (Selanders, 2019). For this reason, she established standards of care, that would guide nurses to…



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Critical Appraisal of Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring

Study Description McMillan (2017) conducted this study to determine the effects of Jean Watson’s Human Caring Theory on the nurse perception and application of Caring attributes and the impact on nurse communication. This study took place at an acute care hospital’s adult medical-surgical units. The background of this study was the low score on the…



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Importance of Caring Approach in Nursing

I have been practicing as a nurse for four months now but I have been in the healthcare field for a little over five years. From the first day I stepped foot into the healthcare field to now, it has had an impact on the way I perceive nursing. All of the interactions, experiences, and…



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The Art of Caring and Compassion 

If you were to ask 1,000 people their perception of caring, the answers would vary. Nurses are often associated with caring because they support, encourage, and assist patients with recovery and difficult transitions. Experiences with patients clinically vary which help to create better caregivers; no two patients are the same. Personally, I have had some…



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How I found Joy Caring for a Cancer Patient

When my brother, Grisholm Keyes, started to develop brown and purple spots on his facial skin in June 2016, I never thought much of it. When his colleagues at work started discussing his facial patches, lesions, and plaques, my brother smiled and dismissed it as a harmless skin infection that would disappear in no time….



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Caring for the Pediatric Patient

It is a general understanding that there are quite a few significant differences in caring for a pediatric patient than for an adult patient. Children have substantial cognitive, physical, and physiological differences than of adults. Therefore, possessing proficient understanding of these differences in children will promote patient-centered care and quality of life in individuals with…


Health Care

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Caring for Suicidal Patients

Suicidal behavior is the most extreme manifestation of violence, because it is oriented towards the individual himself. It is a human problem that exists from the very origin of man, happens in all periods, affects both sexes and all social classes. Suicide does not occur as an isolated event outside the communities and although it…




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