Performance and Goals Among Employees

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Performance is the achievement of the organization relative to the defined goals. It includes the results obtained or achieved by individuals or teams contributing to the strategic goals of the organization. The success of the company depends primarily on the performance of its employees, personal performance influenced by motivation through some kind of motivation, Employees are usually accepted as a foundation for organizational success and their performance symbolizes their capacity.

Once employees are motivated then they work harder and ultimately improve performance, deliver a good outcomes to the organization, (Azar & Shafighi, 2013). (Jamal, 2007) showed that Organizational performance usually regards employee performance as an important component. Further, he demonstrated that people are signals of organizational performance efforts, and job performance is the role that individuals can perform within normal constraints and available resources.

Employee performance has been as the most important parameter in any industrial or organizational. It is said be a major factor in achieving organizational success. The company manager helps the employee to accomplish particular goals through many sorts of motivating methods, not limited to organization. The employee also could get benefits from these strategies, examined that the relationship among job satisfaction motivation, turnover intention. (Baloch, 2009) he collect date from 250 works and analyzed use correlation technique and finally he explained that job satisfaction.

As a result, Increased motivation will lead to a decline in turnover intentions, in another words, The organization provides motivational advantages strategy to meet the desires of various employees, With this virtuous cycle, employees are more likely to work hard to give the business more rewards and outstanding results. On the contrary, employees are said to be more likely to produce turnover if they are not satisfied and less driven to show improved results. Employee intent is also a strong motivation for the employee performance reflections cycle as part of employee efficiency.


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