Parental Love in African Tradition

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Love is just a feeling about another person and some time it hard to explain, but it is a good feeling. Love is one of the priceless gift one can give to each other and at the same time earn love back in return, as human we all view love from different perspective depending on the age experience and sex. In my African tradition, women are known for showing love and care to children and even strangers, whereas Men on the other hand do not have much time for even their children, and that is why they do not come in picture when a child is talking about love, because mother’s love is always greater.

My life experience about parental love, as a child i grew up in a humble family, with very little for my parent to offer for the kids in term of games and clothing’s, being a child of a peasant farmer, food is always provided, I have to make my own toys out of bottle tops and that was exciting and life was great until the time I lost my mother and as child I thought she will be back soon I was green about the aspect of death and I was forced to believe that she is not coming back after a while, And it was such a painful period for a kid like me who knew only my mother can take good care of me my life was not the same.

As I was almost giving up in life, I became very fortunate enough to have such an amazing grandmother who came for my rescuer, she build my hope she started taking good care of me prepare food and make sure I eat what I want at the right time, she bridge big gap I had in my heart and she was always there for me she also train me to be a hard working boy I did not know about responsibly and what she was preparing me for until again the time she also stared getting sick and her health started detartrating and I realized it was my turn to give back the love and care she showed me. At the same time, she was in her advance age, and time was running out, two years later unfortunately, she also passed on and I was left alone at about 26 year of age.

I was ready to take on the life and its challenges, unexpectedly, my uncle who were supposed to have some sympathy and stand with me, started picking up fight with me and at the same time started trying their best to force me out of the ancestral land as if the pain I was going through was not enough and fortunate I was trained to be strong by the best grandmother that really heart my feelings but I was not shaken. And it makes me share my story with love, and i came to realize that the mothers love is the only true and lasting love that will not fade, however, I am convince that love can also come when you list expect and mostly from the grandmother to the grand kid. For love will always come and it is sad to lose love one especially from the parent to the grandmother whom I dearly miss and always love, her love for me was price less, unmeasurable and true.

In conclusion, every moment with love one should not be taken for granted give your best the same way mother and grandmother did give to her kid, I feel protected and cared for and missed those moment pleas, enjoy all the best time you are in love when you have love and have love one around you, because time is not our best friend.


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