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Parenting Style and Narcissistic Traits among Emerging Adults

Introduction Emerging adult includes individuals falling within the age range of 18-29 years old, typically characterized by the developmental period of young adults with instable self-concept,discovering their identity and their potentials to explore newer experiences (Arnett, 2006). This fragile phase is dominated by a volatile state of mind which requires a secure, understanding and nurturing…



Personality Traits

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To Be A Good Parent: Applying Social Psychological Principles to Parenting 

Introduction At 18 years old, I am constantly thinking about my future. What job am I going to have? Where will I live? Who will I marry? And most importantly, will I be a good parent? I have years and years to figure it out, but it is never too early to start thinking and…




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What are Parenting Techniques We can Learn through Leadership Techniques?

There are many people out there who struggle in learning how to be a better parent and a better leader. There is plenty of research out in the world discussing parenting techniques and leadership techniques, but what I was curious in learning about was how we can use leadership techniques to help improve our parenting…




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Attachment Parenting: The Healthy Choice 

With so many inventions to assist parents in keeping track and taking care of their children, parenting has changed significantly over the past 100 years. The first big invention was baby formula which was invented in 1865 (ncbi) for mothers who were unable to breastfeed, it became commercialized and by 1958 70% of mothers were…

Child Development,



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What Are the Effects of Intense Parenting?

People have presence changes of the twentieth century and the twentieth-first and they know that there is a constant evolution of changes in general. The changes are tied to the appetite of change to promote success in family matters. Parents that are interested in succeeding worried about educating themselves and helping society to put into…

Child Development,



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Issue in Step Parenting

Author of the book Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man and a family man the famous Steve Harvey has faced few challenges in what he calls “Blended families” in his Ted talk about the subject. Harvey and his wife Marjorie have a Brady bunch like family of seven children from previous marriages. Steve…




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Skills for Parenting

If you sit down and just think parenting is a very difficult job. There are circumstances that can make it difficult at times. One of these is the fact that parents get this job with no training. Becoming a parent isn’t taught in any school and no guidelines have been taught to help parents face…




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Is Strict Parenting Beneficial for Children

Did you have a Mean Parent, or did you think your parents were too strict? I’m sure they thought they were doing the right thing by raising you that way. Many parents actually believe that raising a child with strict discipline is favorable in the long run. However, research shows that the product of strict…




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Gay Parenting

According to Walt Disney “Most things are good, and they are the strongest things; but there are evil things too, and you are not doing a child a favor by trying to shield him from reality. The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil.” We initially know about…




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Parental Leave and Postpartum Depression

Abstract This paper explores the importance of paid maternity leave based on rates of PPD (Postpartum Depression), infant development and breastfeeding, and how the US compares to other developed countries world-wide. It was found that 6.5% to 12.9% of women experience postpartum depression symptoms, and these rates are only higher for lower-income families (Stewart et…


Postpartum Depression,


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