Parasite by Bong Joon Ho and its Mysterious Plot Film Analysis

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A comedy-thriller that attracted the viewers with its mysterious plot, Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite is now rising to its peak. The movie starts off with a family of four, the Kims, trying to survive in their basement-level apartment and then suddenly having the opportunity to work for a rich family that would be the answer to their financial problems. Ki-woo started working with the family as an English tutor and through their wise planning, they have conned their way to being hired as a whole family, taking advantage of the Parks’ naivety. Everything was going according to their plan but then a complete turn of events happened and it went haywire. From there on it was their task to prevent their little plan from being exposed to the Park Family.

Overall, the whole movie had great cinematography, dark and gloomy, that was appropriate for the mysterious aura for the scenes that were about to unfold. Each scene also had different ways of going back to the main point of the storyㅡsocial differences and divisions of the rich and the poor. Throughout the entire movie, the director had placed different symbolic scenes as a way to prove his points, some may be exaggerated but still, crucial to the whole movie. For example, how there were always stairs used as a metaphor in showing the division of social classes (Nulf, 2019) and it shows the disparity between the two families. Different lines were also seen throughout the movie as another way of showing the separation of the rich and the poor, the ever famous ram-don or Jjapaguri that showed how cheap instant noodles are added with a premium type of beef to show how the rich would enjoy the “lower class meals.” (Yang, 2020), and most importantly, the scholar stone that is said to be an object that is meant to represent the empty promises of social mobility in a capitalistic society (Laman, 2020).

Few of the many symbols that were meant to represent the whole point of the movieㅡ living in a capitalistic world and how big the difference is between social classes. The ending itself also represented the social status of the poor, remaining at the lower part of the class divisions, no matter hard they tried (Rao, 2019) and their fight would always be only between their class division. These scenes were further enhanced by the great choice of filming locations and set design. It is also important to take note of the great acting of the chosen actors, realistically portraying their own characters in the story. The Kim family standing out because of their intelligence, on how they planned out everything to get each of their family members to work for the Parks’. Each character brought to life by their actors and each one of them delivering remarkable performances and scenes that made us feel the emotions that they wanted us to feel, and made us feel attached to the character to a certain extent.

One of the scenes in the movie wherein the Kim family was arguing with the old housekeeper and her husband because the Parks were coming home from the cancelled camping trip due to the rainstorm, allowed us to feel the greed the characters had. Other than the actors, the house itself can also be a character because of how it interacts with other characters (Idelson, 2020). As a whole, the movie Parasite is a great movie that is a result of great directing and acting.

Parasite is an award winning movie that deserves all the hype it is getting today. It taught its audience that having no plan means that there is nothing to be ruined. In a certain scene where Ki-woo, son of the Kims, was showing forged documents to Yeon-gyo, mother of the Parks’ it did not have much meaning to her because the previous tutor, Min, recommended Ki-woo. This scene depicts how gullible some people could be just because of recommendations of people one may know.

This movie is not the typical Asian or Western movie that one would see, it is rather an eye-opener that is recommended for all people. There is more to see than just the surface of each scene but further assessing the unfolding scenes for one to fully understand and appreciate its beauty as a movie. This is the year of Asian films and filmmakers. No more of the corny plots and cliché storylines but the rise of new and fresh plots.


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Is Parasite movie based on a true story?
No, Parasite is not based on a true story. It is a work of fiction created by director Bong Joon-ho.
Was the ending of Parasite a dream?
The ending of Parasite is open to interpretation, but it is possible that the ending was a dream.
What are the themes of Parasite?
The themes of Parasite include social inequality and the struggles of the working class.
What is the message behind Parasite?
Theories of child and adolescent development are a set of scientific principles that describe how children grow and change. These principles are based on research and observations of children's behavior and development.
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