The Tendency to Present The Antihero As A Hero

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Have you ever seen a parasite talking? If the answer is no then go and watch the movie venom. A perfect movie for action lovers and full of thrill. Coming to the character of the hero Eddie Brock is a reporter who can discover mysterious things and interview anyone without any fear. When he suppose to interview Carlton Drake the most successful scientist who had done his experiment on symbiotic DNA

The aim of the hero in this movie is to find out the mysterious things that was going on in Carlton’s lab. Coming to the main character of the movie Eddie Brock has influenced many points in the movie. By concept of arc of character we can compare the character the first point of character development we can observe the change in the character of Eddie as in the start he was so angry and helpless but in at end he can help and cool by the help of parasite called venom. Crisis the stage of difficulty of Eddie when he losses his job. Crisis deepens the stage where Eddie lost his wife. Finally the transformation of Eddie from reporter to venom makes his world savior. The biggest plus point of this movie is the perfect acting of Eddie Brock(Tom Hardy)

So, my opinion about the movie is the first part of the movie is most interesting one due to nobody knows what is that parasite. The director Ruben makes the film most interesting by the characterization of the movie. As compared to the other movies of Ruben venom movie was pretty good due its perfect action sequence and BGM of the movie one of the most positive aspect of the movie. The negative points of the movie is less speaking ability of the characters so more action will be seen on the screen. Unfortunately, the director fails to have a grip on the storyline of the movie.

The box office revenue of the movie for the gross of 1 month it nearly collects 11M. So in international box office wise it collects 28M and it was still running in movie complexes. Finally the movie gets a profitable collections to the movie producers. Let us discuss the description of plus points in the movie. The first plus point of the movie is cast every actor had done his job by their acting. VFX which plays a crucial role by developing the character of venom on screen. The BGM of the movie plays an prominent role but due to more action sequence, there is more scope of music in the movie. So, these aspects of the movie makes the director work more easy and makes the film good.

Conclusion so overall this movie was full of action and entertainment in which Eddie Brock steels the show with his acting. So totally the movie can be most addictive to the marvel fans and action lovers. The character transformation of venom makes the movie good which venom changes his thought of destroying earth and helps Eddie to save earth from his teammate nothing but another parasite. Marvel universe create new trend of presenting a anti hero as hero and they almost in success track of their new trend.

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