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Free Will and Fate in The Matrix Movie

Free will is the belief that people have an unimpeded ability to choose the course of their lives whereas fate means all of our actions’ outcomes are already fixed. Neo and the Cypher for me are mostly the personifications of free will, Agent Smith and machines are the personifications of fate. The Matrix is a…


Free Will,

The Matrix

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Plato’s Ideas vs The Matrix

The following essay introduces two arguments on perspectives. The Matrix contains several characters from an alternate universe that shows the minds perspective of life outside the body. Whilst, Allegory of the Cave introduced a metaphor that was designed to illustrate human perception, ideologies, illusions, opinions, ignorance and sensory appearances. Two characters from each book. Neo…

Allegory of The Cave,


The Matrix

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Truth in The Matrix, Oedipus Rex, and The Allegory of the Cave

“Ignorance is bliss”: a statement so tantalizing that one can stay out of the world’s troubles and live in a utopia of happiness and ignorance. Thus being completely content with oneself. What really is truth? Is it how our perception of reality is the one that is handed to us. Is it no further seeking…

Allegory of The Cave,

Oedipus Rex,

The Matrix

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Reality in The Matrix, Allegory of the Cave, and Oedipus Rex

Think about having to live on a day to day bias utterly unaware of the truth and then facing a so-called reality that doesn’t even exist. The prisoners in Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ are to be considered blinded from a society that is real, as well as the expressive actors in the movie “The…

Allegory of The Cave,

Oedipus Rex,

The Matrix

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Action, Sci-Fi

release date

March 31, 1999 (United States)


Actors:Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving, Joe Pantoliano

Country: AustraliaUnited States

Director:The Wachowskis

Language: English

Writers:The Wachowskis

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