My Past, My Present, My Future

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My Past, My Present, My Future essay
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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. ” – George Bernard Shaw This quote by George Bernard Shaw, seems enough to define personality of any human being, it is the person himself who is responsible of creating his own personality, though environment around him does matter to some extent but majorly it is his attitude that brings out the real person in him. From the very start I should say that it is not an easy thing to speak about myself as it is hard to have a look at yourself from aside, but at the same time who knows you better than you yourself.

Starting with my studies. I was not a brilliant student. Honestly speaking I was the mischievous kid in the class. My all PTM’s were mostly about my mischief’s. But when I reached 8th-grade everything was just flipped; I don’t know how but I became more responsible and attentive towards my studies. God knows how but that miracle happened and I did score 80% in my high school. I become more introvert when I start college I limited my friend circle because I think quality matters more than quantity. Anyhow, I did my F.Sc by scoring 88% from Riyadh the largest city of Arabia. When I finished college I want to pursue nursing as my career so I went to America for my further studies. There are a lot of institutes in Saudi a Arabia where I can pursue my goals but I want to study with my friends. As they all were considering America for there degree so I join them. Focusing on today there is a lot to describe whether my decision of coming to America is right or wrong. Honestly speaking I think it’s the one of my best decision I have ever taken. In starting my parents were against my foreign studies because they want me to pursue in my home town Riyadh. But they never forced me to do any thing against my will.

Apart from my studies, I have other interests like watching movies I prefer action, sci-fiction, horror and sometimes romantic movies. Some of my favorite movies are Transformer, The Conjuring, Fast and furious, Avengers, and X-men series. Besides this, some of the romantic movies were also found some space in my collection. The best romantic movie which I’ve watched is “me before you”. Apart from movies I also indulge myself in sports activities like cricket and soccer. My character is difficult to describe. One can say that I have a very complex nature. When it comes to enjoying, I make sure I really feel and enjoy that moment. Hanging out with friends, teasing someone on a subject over and over again, taking someone’s belonging and not giving him back till he begs me for it, this may look childish but I really enjoy doing these small jokes. Caring for people has always been my desire. Whenever I see someone, who I think need care or help; I am always willing to help them. Moving forward to my demerits, one of them is that I get angry within seconds, especially if someone asks too many questions.

It is very difficult for me to stay cool in tough situations. Along with this I’m also a bit shy towards making new friends, and last but not the least the worst demerit that also irritates me a lot is that in classes or lectures I mostly sit mum, this has bothered me since my school life. So this is me. This essay is not just a matter of words, but yet my life. Who knew my life could be filled in such little space, however this is only just a part of me. These are some of the many things about me and facts about me from my personal point of view.

Every person have its own personality which determine its unique character. Our character differentiate us from others in multiple ways. It is possible we can find person with the similar looks but it is difficult to find persons with the similar personalities our tastes, our choices our point of views,ideas etc can relate to each other but when we are talking about personality it is the one thing which make us unique in our own way. Like I said we can relate in many ways with each other but it is hard to find identical personalities. I am going to prove it by giving the example of my character,my goals,my achievements, my favorite activities they all are exciting but different as well from any other person in the world. You know biologically we have some traits of our parents which we inherited from them. It means we can relate to each other to some extent but our uniqueness make us different from each other.
By nature I’m a positive person.Its credit goes to my parents they taught me no matter what happens in the life always find a way to preserve a sincere smile on your face. When life hit me hard my parents always taught me to find a positive thing from it. My father use to say that no matter what are the circumstances just keep one thing in your mind that nothing last forever.

This philosophy helps me to be happy and move on with the life. My positive approach towards life is all because of my parents they are the positive energy source in my life. I’m very close to my mom I use to share every little detail with her. She is the guardian angel in my life. I adore my family they are my support system. I have a sister who is a student of medical.When I was in Riyadh we have a tradition to spend Friday with family mostly my sister miss it due to her hectic meds studies but she always try to compensate it.We understand her condition so we try our best to cope with her hectic routine our parents value our needs and space so they never force any of their decisions on us. They were not happy about my decision of foreign studies but they never force me to change my decision. They know that it was a hard decision for me as well because I never had a chance to live without them. In our culture we live with our parents. If we compare both the countries there is a Hugh difference between there cultures.

As we have different gnomes of life it was difficult for me to adjust in here because I belong from a restricted background in many ways. Its not like we are living in stone age but in our country we have a lot of boundaries. Saudi traditions are rooted in Islamic teachings and Arab customs, which Saudis learn about at an early age from their families and in schools. I can give a lot of examples like how we have different cultural backgrounds e.g, the Saudi working week begins on Sunday and ends on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are the official days of rest, but in certain cases Saturday might be considered as a working day. On other hand here in America working week begins on Monday and ends on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are the official days of rest. Like we have nothing in common not even the working days of the week. There are a lot of things in America which I love about it but there are also some things which bothers me and effect my personality. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to settle in but with the passage of time I get use to it. I know it sounds childish but in the beginning I feel home sick and I regret my decision. As you know life in these days is like a ride on roller coaster its hard to find a time for each other. I am the person who loves to surrounded by familiar faces. But every one here are too busy to make any time for each other that’s why some time I feel like I m losing myself or my identity. Thou I try to keep myself motivated that it will pass and I have to focus on why I am here. Maybe it is just a homesickness. Although when we friends hang out on the weekends it recharged me emotionally. It’s not the alarm clock to wake me up every morning, but the dream! Thinking of the dream, these words appear in my mind: family, friends and future. These three “F’s are the motivations that help me to achieve my dream, to live the way that I want to live. Everyone has their own family, and everyone needs family. Parents give us all their love and they are reliable. I believe there is not any kind of love that could compare to parents’ love. Every time when I don’t feel good, they always tell me “The wind will stop, and so will the rain. Stay happy.

You can get through anything. Because of that, I feel confident of myself in everything. If I run out of motivation, the only thing I would think about are my parents, who give me everything I have right now. When I was born, I was naked, underweight, short height, untalkable and unwalkable, all I could do was crying to express what I was thinking. At the time, my parents helped me with everything. They gave me all their love; they never complained to me or blame on me about my naivetés; they are like a candle, burning themselves for me. Their love motivates me.

As an international student who is study in a foreign country, I always feel homesick and want to go home as soon as possible, but I can’t. Thinking about parents who are waiting for me to come back home with success, I could not come back yet, I need to study hard and to be successful. Therefore, one day, when I come back home, my parents will be proud of me, and they will know all the money and time they spent on me was worth it. In order to go back home as soon as possible, I realize I need to study hard and get many credits every semester.

They give me all their love, I can’t let them down. Friends are the priceless treasure I have got besides family. Friends are the impetus when I get into trouble. Sometimes I feel study is so boring when I am alone, however, if there is a friend study with, I feel more interested, because we could talk sometime. In some cases, they are the impetus that makes me feel that I would like to go to school because we can hang out with each other at school everyday.

In another case, some of my friends are really good at studying, because of that, I think I should study harder to make progress as well. And also if I have personal issues, they always stand by and they will tell me, “It’s okay. You will be fine. Learning something from this time and improve yourself for next time. After that I developed a positive attitude and learned to get over it. If I am a boat, friends are like the sail, without the sail I can’t sail to the sea, I will capsize in the surfy sea. To achieve my dream, the last F would be future.

Future plays a big role in my life, so it motivates me a lot as well. Actually, future takes a part in my dream. “Whenever you want to give up, just think about your bright future , that is what I would tell myself when I have a tough time. I always look forward to my future: my parents will be healthy, they won’t need to worry about money, because I will take care of that. In order to have a bright future I have to make some adjustments from now on. I have to look after myself, I have to eat properly, keep junk food out from my meal and most important I have to drink a lot of water because I always forget to do it when I was in Saudia I use to drink a lot of water because in Riyadh weather demand it.But in here I lost that good habit of mine again I will blame the climate difference .My all friends keep saying that I’m quite judgmental but I don’t believe them its just I point out differences and they think I m judging well actually I m not. Any ways I want to be more considerate person, I want to take more care of the friends which are around me

I want to be more calm and a person who smiles more than before. I’m struggling for my future because I want to be good enough to deserve the love of the people who love I love. These three F’s are the reasons of my existence, I live with them, I‘m struggling for them to build the road of my life. There will be some times in which I want to give up but I know my friends and family are there to support me.Even though I know life is tough but will not upset from it because as I said before nothing last forever.

During childhood, I was quite famous in my primary school, I was more handsome than other kids in my school and I used to have a lot of friends from various races. I entered the International School of Penang to further my secondary studies. After mixing with different types of friends, I started to understand the true meaning of friends. Friendship is not just about a relationship that you have with others for his wealth , appearance or popularity. It is made of the experiences that you experienced with somebody that is really special to you.

One can have many friends, but they can only have a few best friends, which are also known as bossom friends. Those few are the one that you have chose to continue your journey through this life. Life is not just a journey that you can complete in a few days or weeks, it takes years to complete, you may even live for a hundred years if you are able to take care of your health. I have seen many types of friends, some of them are only pretending to be your friends for the money and popularity that you own.

They will pretend to be as good as they can in front of you and start talking bad things about you behind your back. They will only show their true colours when they are caught red handed. They will even make up a cock and bull story to clear their name. This kind of person is a shame to the holy relationship-friendship. I have also came across a few people who are important to me. I am really proud to call them my friends. They are not just people who stick around and follow you everywhere.

All of them believe their beliefs and follow some principals and I respect them for that. One day, I came to school and shared my story with them about how I started a quarrel with my parents. I was shocked when they started scolding me the next moment I finished my story. I was both happy and sad at the same time. I felt sad because I had a quarrel with my parents over a minor issue and I was also very happy that my friends cared about me and gave me some advice. I followed their advice by apologizing to my parents the moment I reached home and gave them a huge hug. They smiled and forgave me for my rudeness.

There are many more things that I wish to do with my friends such as playing together, studying together and spending more times together. Friends are also the ones that you will never forget in your entire life. They are the ones that understands your feeling and be by your side to lend you a helping hands when you face trouble. They are also the ones who thinks you as their family members and guides you to the right direction to help you to move forward. I like to thank the All-Mighty God for letting me meet such friends. I wished that I could have met them earlier in my life so that we could have many more wonderful experiences.

My Past, My Present, My Future essay

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