Susan B Anthony’s “The Status of Woman, Past, Present, and Future”

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According to womenshistory.org, Anthony began her fight for women’s rights in 1851, and continued to fight for them until she passed in 1906, 14 years before the 19th amendment was passed that gave women the right to vote. Anthony co-founded the American Equal Rights Association, a women’s suffrage group, in the 1860s. Anthony fought for women’s rights for most of her adult life and became a well-known activist. She wrote this article as a way to bring light to the way women were treated but also to acknowledge the legal changes for women.


I believe Anthony’s intended audience was also the men who were in positions of power. I know this because she brings light to light the some of the awful aspects to living as a woman during this time. Some of these included beating till they were close to death, no ownership of anything, and a lack of pride because they were diminished into believing they were property and not their own person. Anthony also used her popularity amongst those who fought for women’s rights to help spread and awareness and to bring to the government the idea that they would no longer stand as being treated like property.


Anthony argued that women should be given equal rights as men and that they should be given the right to keep their own property and earnings no matter what gender they were. It was clear in this document that women’s right activists had made an impact on their respective state governments as most of them gave partial justice to married women. I believe her primary point in her argument was to tell those her were reading her document, that she wanted the state legislatures to continue to give rights to women until they were equal with men. Anthony’s argument on page 6, is similar to Addams’ argument. Anthony spoke about how churches who were presided over by women preachers were the ones who dispersed large sums of money to those in need because they understood what it was like to have nothing to their name.


This article is significant because it helps us to look at how women’s suffrage groups helped to change legislature restricting their rights. Roughly two decades before this document was written, the first women’s rights convention was help in Seneca Falls where with handful of women. However, during the time this article was written, they had what Anthony called the great National Association, which had a headquarters in New York City. This document gives us a detailed understanding of how women’s rights changed from that first convention, up until the writing of this document in 1897.

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