Mexico Natural Resources

Updated June 26, 2021

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Mexico Natural Resources essay

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The point I want to quickly state about how natural resources affect Mexico is natural resources can affect Mexico in good and bad ways alike.

And a reason why it can affect people in a bad way is on how depending on the natural resource it can harm people with air pollutions because machines extracting them from the ground which if I must say is really bad so that is one-way people would be affected in a bad way.

And a way that it can affect people in a good way is it can make more job openings for people to work to pay for food for their family. The natural resources around Mexico ruin and save people ruin by some rich person kicking them out and save by making them rich. That is the point that I wanted to stait it is simple on how it can help and not help people.

To back up my Thesis I wanted to give to reasons on how it is bad for one if they do not have enough resources going in they will have a bad time trying to make a living there, for instance, The Central African Republic does not have enough food so it is classified as the worlds hungriest country that’s just one country that does not have enough resources coming in.

Also, a rich company could buy land and kick people out of their property I could only find on the internet about where trespassers became the house owner of the house they trespassed on which I would really hate if that happened to me because of you being a trespasser you will not own any house of mine ever unless you are related to me but even then you still should not do that.

Well, that is another two reasons why it can affect people so you know another two bad ways it can affect someone honestly I would feel bad if this happened to anyone.

Yes it is positively good and bad for someone but that is how life works you cannot control other peoples actions you can only control your own and to finish this I will provide you with 2 more reasons why it is good or bad for one if you can find a resource or someone living there you could, in fact, become rich of course some things have not a lot of value but still it is worth a try.

And at the same time, every thing that you do with a resource that you find affects you depending on how you or someone else us uses it.

Mexico Natural Resources essay

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