Life and Ideas of Isaac Newton

Updated May 21, 2021

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Life and Ideas of Isaac Newton essay

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Who is Isaac Newton? He is probably the most famous mathematician around the world. He is responsible for multiple inventions of formulas and math related ideas. He is mostly known for two ideas, gravity and calculus.

Isaac was born on the twenty fifth of December in 1642. He was raised mostly by his grandparents, while his grandfather was illiterate his grandmother was not. She taught Newton how to read. He went to Trinity College in 1661 after his mother was persuaded and pleaded that Newton should be prepared and shipped off to further schooling. He went to college for Aristotelian physics, logic, ethics and rhetoric.

Newton was able to teach himself a lot of subjects due to outside problems where school was having issues such as the plague, not allowing Newton to attend the school. Newton was able to become a professor and introduced his learning through lectures and would continue researching. This research was related to calculus. He spent many years, around fifteen, trying to master this technique of calculus.

He was able to complete most of his research and no one would want to publish his works. This diverted his work from math for a time. He spent time in other subjects, where he did not show the same interest in which he had for his calculus. He was able to learn and teach things such as trajectory. He was unable to fully determine its theory and actually passed it to Halley in London where it was fulfilled in London.

This is all related to his ideas related to physics, including gravity. It is all compiled in a 500 page book called the Principia. This is one of the greatest theories added to the math world as most of these theories wrote in the Principia are actually laws. This means they are tested and proven, with no need of further testing. They are set and stone and are old as almost 400 years old from present day today.

Newton spent the last days of his life living in London. He lived with his niece and she moved on and got married. Newton lived in a life similar to how he lived when he was a professor, nothing too crazy or luxurious. The only change was he was visited by many important and legendary figures at the time and would be asked questions for his philosophy and intelligence. Newton lived till eighty four and had passed on March 20 1717, even though he has passed his learnings are alive today and around us every moment.

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Life and Ideas of Isaac Newton essay

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