Isaac Newton and His Laws

Updated May 21, 2021

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Isaac Newton and His Laws essay

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In life, you’re either one of them to strongly dislikes, or loves math. How could you just like math though, we use it every day to do simple things like, counting our change, managing her time, and even when we drive. There are many great math magician who have influenced math today, but one I believe that stands out is there Isaac Newton.

Sir Isaac Newton was born January 4,1643 in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire,England. He is one of the greatest minds of the 17th centuries, and was a very brilliant man who was a skilled physicist and mathematician. Newton devoted his life heavenly to his studies he remained single for his life, his work was more important to him than romance. Being so devoted to his work led Sir Isaac Newton to explain the Law of Gravity and the Laws of Motion.

Sir Isaac Newton after a greatly fulfilled life of outstanding discoveries died in 1727 at the age of 85. Isaac Newton is best known for his work with the three Laws of Motion,but had worked on and discovered many other scientific and mathematicians wonders. Although he is mostly known for his work in the scientific field, his type of work relied heavily on complex mathematics.

Sir Isaac Newton’s was inspired by 13 brilliant people such as Johannes Kepler, Nicolaus Copernicus, Rene Descartes, Robert Boyle, Francis Bacon, Euclid, Huygens, Isaac Barrow, Maimonides, Henry More, Henry Briggs, Ibn Tufail and Cardano. They each inspired him in there own separate ways and made him the scientist and mathematicians who created the laws of motions. Newton’s laws of motion demonstrate the fundamental laws of describing the motion of a body.

Newton’s laws are the groundwork for later physics development. Physics requires an equal mixture of math and science which newton excelled in both,thus creating the laws of motion which our widely learned throughout the classroom of most physics classes. Sir Isaac Newton has changed our world drastically with all of his discoveries such as the law of gravity and the laws of motion.

His discoveries were universal, his law of gravity didn’t just stop in one particular place it occurred all over. Using his law of gravity Newton even calculated the moon’s motion and helped scientists all over better understand the concept of gravity. Not only did he provide us with his law of gravity and motion he invented a new branch of mathematics known as calculus. He has helped expand the mind so scientists, mathematicians and students, doing so he has crates geniuses like himself to help develop and evoke our world it to bigger and better things.

Everything you see, touch or find amusing someone is behind the discovery of it, someone made that object possible for you to touch and see. The amazing world we live in is surrounded by talented people who are capable of so much and continue to help our society and economy grow.

Take a moment and think we all have these past discoveries to fall back on and brainstorm off of but what did past mathematicians and science have to go off of? Because of them creating and discovering so much out of so little information we are giving the opportunity to take their discoveries and explore and understanding then in much more depth.

Isaac Newton and His Laws essay

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