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Knowing Oneself and Search for a Dream Job

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Knowing Oneself and Search for a Dream Job essay
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Do you know yourself? “Know thyself”, wise words of Socrates, a Greek philosopher who was credited with laying the fundamentals of modern Western philosophy. How does one really know himself?

Yes, you could recognize your own reflection and be aware of your physical features. Sure, you have blonde hair and blue eyes, but you are not your physical characteristics, you are your spiritual ones. If you were able to look into a crystal ball and see your internal reflection, what would you see? Would you like what lies in front of your eyes? The one thing that could possibly dig deep into our souls and reveal our innermost persona are the people that we surround ourselves with daily. All the people we interact with effect and influence who we are. We are who we love, hate, and admire. Every little action, emotion, or word brings out our characteristics. It is what we do without thinking that makes up our personalities. For example, the person sitting behind me in class drops their pencil in front of my desk. My instincts tell me to pick up the pencil for the person and return it. This act would show kindness and helpfulness. If I had just ignored it and let the student get the pencil for himself, it would’ve made me seem rude or just careless.

Now ask yourself this: what do you want and need in order to be happy and successful? Money is not the answer. Answer honestly, why do you want it? Pleasing everyone else but yourself is not the answer. With that said, we are our dreams, hopes, and goals. The reason we need to figure out who we are is so that we can achieve our goals to the greatest and be known and respected for the accomplishments that we have made. But if you do not “know thyself”, then you are portraying the completely wrong image to people and you will not be remembered for who you are, but for who you appeared to have been. My advice? Be yourself and never forget who you are. Overall, I am proud of who I am and the woman that I am becoming.

In conclusion, the well known quote, “know thyself”, is important to me in many different ways. For one, it has helped me reconsider what I plan on doing with my life. A short while ago, I had wanted to pursue being a lawyer, but I realized that I would not be able to talk in front of men and women of higher authorities. Then, I reconsidered my dream of helping and saving children. My dream job is to be a children’s doctor, not a lawyer. I would much rather be remembered as a doctor, rather than as a lawyer, because it is something that I had always wanted and is a huge part of me. Another reason that this quote is so important to me is the fact that I now know who I am. Yes, I have brown hair. Sure, I have brown eyes. Then again, it doesn’t matter what color my hair or my eyes are. None of this matters to me, though. The only things that are important are my inner qualities. Furthermore, I am NOT my physical features, my weight, or what anyone else sees me as. I am me and no one can ever compete with that.

Knowing Oneself and Search for a Dream Job essay

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