Key Elements of a Successful Restaurant

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A common particular of a successful restaurant is a powerful restaurant staff that works tirelessly to deliver top-notch service to the customers. Customers are not doing so merely for the food but for the experience and the service skill which is created by the good staff. However, with the certain competition in the restaurant industry, high rentals, and rising costs, hiring good staff and creating the correct human resources structure for restaurant remain as one of the highest challenges for restaurant owners.

The restaurant industry is lower reputation for high employee attrition rates and so requires an efficient management system. Thus, it is elementary that you know the human resource plan of a restaurant, the different levels of staff requirement and their job analysis, job description, job specification, and experience needed for each profile and the designated salary to offer while staffing. Each of the business has their own management functions, such as planning, organizing, directing and controlling. A good employee play an important role for our restaurant because their need to achieve an organization’s objectives by using its resources effectively and efficiently in a changing environment.

Recruiting process is forming a pool of qualified applicants from which management can select employees. Our restaurant know that processes are the important part to achieve the goals. So, we were determined to hire some employees are able to do well in the work.

Our restaurant has 2 levels of management, such as middle management and first-line management. Each level of management has their own responsibility in the business. Middle management is responsible for tactical and operational planning that implements the general guidelines established by top management. Responsibility of middle management is more narrowly focused and involved in the specific operations of the organization. Our restaurant were hired a manager with education background, knowledge, skills that can manage the day-to-day operation of the business. We also hired an accountant that can trained in bookkeeping and prepare annual reports and financial statements.

After that, we hired people who are able to hold on first-line management, such as kitchen staff, cleaner, waiter and cashier. First-line management is responsible for implementing the plans established by middle management and also direct workers’ daily performance. This management spend more of their time in directing and controlling. The employees who are hired must be honest, responsibility, knowledge, working skills and experience needed.

Selecting processes is a process of collecting information about applicants and using that information to make hiring decisions. Selecting employees that are a good fit for our restaurant is the first step in creating a great culture. A comprehensive and well-crafted selection system allows us to attract a strong applicant pool and identify good employees. (Lohana Juariyah, 2015)

Selection processes included 4 steps, such as application, employment interview, employment testing and reference checking. Firstly, our restaurant will hire employees after passing the preliminary interview the candidate is asked to fill the standard application form. The application form generally consists of the information about the age, qualification, experience needed etc. of candidate on the basis of which the interviewer gets the idea about the candidate and the information also helps in formulating questions.

Secondly, candidates will go to the interview process after filling the application form. Interview process are called for the employment interview. This interview is done to get more information about the candidates and give them the actual picture of what is required from them. The employment interview is also to check the communication skills, human relation skills of the candidate. At the end of an interview with each candidate the members of panel discuss about the candidate and give them the grades.

Thirdly, after done the interview process, the next step that is the employment test. There tests are done to check the ability of the candidate. This tests vary from organization to organization and change as per the need of the particular job. There tests are intelligence tests, aptitude tests, interest tests, personality tests etc. There tests must be designed properly otherwise they will not be a good indicator of one’s knowledge.

Fourthly, we will do reference checking that given by the candidate before final select an employee. Reference checking that to check about the candidate’s past record, reputation, police record etc. Thus, all the above said steps of selection are important for the appointment of the right kind of person for the right job.

Developing and getting our restaurant concept laid out in a formal report is usually a necessary component to ensuring project financing, and engaging vendors and future employees. (Restaurant Consultants Inc) Our restaurant business plans often include an executive summary, description and environment analysis, market analysis, operations and marketing plans, and financial plans.

The business development manager is responsible to develop and implement our restaurant development strategies, programs and tactics primarily designed to continue our restaurant. We will develop strategies to attract new customers for existing restaurant and develop increased number among current customers. We will also ensure proper focus and direction on sales and business opportunities. The management is also responsible for ensuring that all team member interactions support and promote the mission of the company.

Our management will motivate, inspire, and constantly challenges the team to achieve at their highest level. Besides, we also create and maintain a high standard of employees, service, food, operations and financial performance. We will remove obstacles by solving problems, innovating, and teaching others to do the same. The management will set clear priorities for our team so they can focus on the most important things. We also build up strong relationships with and positively influence all disciplines to get things done.

Moreover, the management of our restaurant created relationships with local businesses, community organizations, special event groups, chamber organizations, civic organizations, etc. to promote our products. We will also develop employees skills for example, enthusiastic about sustainable customer development, food, and service and they must focused on delivering a positive and consistent customer experience. Employees must have a positive attitude and work urbanely.

Succeeding in our restaurant employees retention efforts requires us to think about things from the team’s point of view. All the employees are not exactly the same, of course, and each has unique abilities and goals. But it’s a safe bet to assume that all of them want to know they are paid at or above market rates and have many good benefits. They also want to realize that they are enjoying by their employer and treated fairly. Employees want to be defiant and excited by the job they’re asked to do.

An effective employee retention program addresses all of these concerns. But it also goes beyond the basics. In fact, we be great effort should start on a new hire’s first day on the job. The training and support we provide from day one sets the tone for the employee’s tenure at the business and boosts job satisfaction.

Our restaurant has some ways to retain employees. Firstly, we will provide the right benefits for our employees. For example, the benefits and bonus plays the biggest role in keeping employees happy, engaged and healthy. But benefits can go far beyond health care coverage and paid sick leave. We also should consider provide stock options or other financial awards for employees who exceed the target or performance goals.

Flexible work schedules, the opportunity to work remotely and generous paid leave policies also go a long way toward helping employees feel they are valued well beyond what they contribute at the workplace. Therefore, the salaries of each employee according to their work position.

Secondly, we will promote from within not only provides a clear path to greater compensation and responsibility, it also helps employees feel that they’re valued and a crucial part of the business’s success. Exactly, promotions go hand-in-hand with employee development and education, and this should be another tool in our retention arsenal. Whether by management training to help provide the acquisition of new skills, new knowledge or new things or through tuition reimbursement from outside course, furthering our employees’ education can help them feel valued and invested in the business. A focus on education is also key to higher retention rates.

Thirdly, our business will be transparent and open with all employees. We are creating open communication between employees and management can help foster a sense of community and a shared purpose. For example, regular meetings in which employees can share ideas and ask questions that encourage employees to speak frankly with their managers help employees feel they are valued and that their input will be heard.

Last but not least, our restaurant has a good human resource management to manage the organization. We have a well recruiting process to lead the employees can do well in their own position. Besides, we also have an important selecting process before recruiting the employee. Therefore, we have some developing process to achieve our organization’s mission, vision, and objectives. We also have some way to retain employees for example, give employees benefits or bonus if they can achieve the sales target.


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