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Castle’s Family Restaurant

Introduction Gone are the days when Human Resource Department (HRD) is merely in charge of hiring and benefits administration. With growing uncertainty in the economic environment and tightening competitive business situation, HR practitioners and business leaders are called to bring HRD at the forefront of strategic management to be able to contribute to the bottom…


Human resource management,


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Key Elements of a Successful Restaurant

A common particular of a successful restaurant is a powerful restaurant staff that works tirelessly to deliver top-notch service to the customers. Customers are not doing so merely for the food but for the experience and the service skill which is created by the good staff. However, with the certain competition in the restaurant industry,…

Business Management,


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Michelin Star Restaurant in Europe

Prepare to whet your appetite on a feast for the senses with our list of our favourite Michelin-star restaurants in all of Europe. ABaC, Barcelona, Spain Helmed by Spain’s youngest chef to be awarded with a Michelin Star, Chef Jordi Cruz has the ability to throw seemingly disparate ingredients together to create a magical dish….

European Union,


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Why I Prefer the China Town Restaurant

What is your favorite restaurant? Everyone has a favorite restaurant. Some people like homemade food and some people like store-bought food. For me, I like restaurant food, and my favorite restaurant is China Town because it’s delicious, comfortable, and having a good price. First and most important, China Town is a comfortale restaurant. It’s a…

Chinese Food,


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Zeus: My Favorite Restaurant of Mediterranean Food

I heard a lot about Mediterranean food from my dad because he ate the Mediterranean food before, and he said the Mediterranean food was the tastiest. I never ate any Mediterranean food until I came to Lake Charles, and I didn’t know there was a Mediterranean restaurant. Our family friend introduced us to the Zeus…



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5 Tips on How to Improve Restaurant Efficiency with POS

Mostly your restaurant’s efficiency depends on excellent communication between your cooks, food preparation staff and servers. Efficient restaurants implement procedures to avoid wasting money, materials, energy, time, and efforts of the staff. Furthermore, savvy restaurateurs realize that they need to build upon these procedures make better overall restaurant performance. If you are an experienced one…



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Alluring Restaurant Chandeliers: A Perfect Match for your Restaurant

One of the most important feature in the whole restaurant is its lighting. The way you decorate and light up your restaurant can increase or decrease your customer traffic. This isn’t just an assumption, it’s the truth. Take yourself as an example, do you like to go to dim lighted restaurants where the environment is…



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Reasons to Avoid Restaurant Pepper Shakers

With so much to fear in life, who would suspect that the unassuming-looking pepper shaker sitting on every restaurant table is a haven for germs. The fact is, the pepper shaker, along with the salt shaker, parmesan cheese dispenser, and napkin holder, may be laden with germs. It can be so much a part of…



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Restaurant Turnover: 5 Reasons Why People Quit

Do you know that your turnover consumes a large chunk of your yearly profit? The Center for Hospitality Research (CHR), discovered that the entire average cost for replacing a leaving employee was $5,864, with the cost of direct training, a merely 25%. Here’s a breakdown of the hidden cost of employee turnover: Pre-departure: 3% ($176) Recruiting: 20%…



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Valentine’s Day Weekend: Chicago Guide

Chicago Valentine’s weekend would not be full without a dining experience, so here’s the list of our picks for the holiday specials across the city, in no particular order.Check out A Bit of theWit Pop Up Shop With Chef Toni Roberts theWit Hotel, 201 N State St. Toni Roberts, Executive Pastry Chef of theWit Hotel,…


Food And Culture,


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