Karl Marx’s Social Conflict tTheory

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When looking at the Sociological theory you can see the different ways it creates a better understanding of the social life. This is because it brings all the perspectives to allow a better understanding. It allows for the theory’s to be explained differently, from all of the theorists, which can allow for comparing and analyzing later on. When it comes to the social conflict theory, you can still see the inequality that is still going on in today’s world. Whether it is in school, and one’s workplace, or even in someone day-to-day life events.

Social conflict theory is a Marco- oriented paradigm in sociology. Karl Marx is one of the very well known political theorists, socialist revolutionary, who believed that social conflict was needed for society to function. Marx spent most of his time looking the workers who were doing manual labor who were missed treated by capitalists. This is where the means of production came about. Where the workers spent most of their time working on their cost of living for little rewards. Karl Marx believed and argued that social socialization came from the relationship that the worker has with the mean of production. This is where they focus on the conflict between two primary classes who were the proletariats and bourgeoisie.

Proletariats were the workers and the capitalist was concerned to be the bourgeoisie. When trying to get a better understanding of what it was like to be a proletarians and a bourgeoisie in today’s world you can look at of the jobs that most of the people are currently working. Since Karl Marx focuses on the 19th century, this is when the focus was on when the hard working came from both the adults and the children. Very different from what today’s world is face with but not so much. Marx believed that ones religion; morality, social structures and others dictated one’s social life.

Where he believes that those who were in the upper class were living more on the abundance side, while the ones who were in the lower class were just living to work with no purpose. This is where the wealthy were the ones who own the lands, and factories and they control what the workers do and how much they were allowed to get. When thinking about the conflict theory its use was to explain wars, wealthy, violence and many other social phenomenon. The focus really was on the inequality for the two groups, one group was treated differently and unfair while the other group was treated well.

This still goes on in today’s world, there are many people all over the world who are working long hours, and days, and when it comes to seeing how much they have earn they are paid little to nothing. Living in today’s world it is hard to live off minimal wage. However everyone comes from a different lifestyle in life, some people are wealthy, some are poor, not necessary poor but not able to live on their own due to what they may have or may not have accomplished in life. Just like in the 19th century the rich get richer the poor get poorer.

Many wealthy families have the ability to leave their families money, property, and other valuably things to help them do well in life. In the idea world if everyone was wealthy there would be no need for anyone to work. So this why we need structure, we need workers, and things to be the way they are. With capitalism now we are giving more opportunities in today’s time, where we are offered schooling, and a chance to gain more of our earning. The reason is why is because we are giving more opportunities then they were during the 19th century.

Like Karl Marx there were many other theories that looked at the social class along with the other problems that were faced during the 19th century. When looking at Karl Marx conflict theory we are able to see why he focused on the struggle of the two classes and why one of the classes couldn’t rise higher like the other class the (owners). This is why the conflict theory has been around for years even in today’s time. Marxists define capital as “ a social, economic relation” between people “rather than just between people and things.” (Felicia). Many people believe today that social conflict is needed for society to function, just like Marx believed. Marx has shown people not to be afraid of conflict but to instead accept it in their life.



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