Issues Immigrants Faced

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Immigrants are not treated the same as native-born individuals. In fact, they are not protected and extremely hated. After President Trump became the commander in chief, he started the travel ban and stopped many people from traveling to and from the United States. The travel ban went against everything America was built on. “The travel ban undermines a core principle of the U.S immigration system since 1965. That the law will not discriminate against immigrants based on nationality or place of birth.'(Bier, 2018, para.1). This travel was only put in place because the United States saw it possible to stop people from coming to the United States, and cried, terrorist.

The travel ban is one of the many ways the President is making America great again according to him. There is also another law recently put in place to harass immigrants, it is called SB4 Law and it is now official in Texas. “It allows police including college campus police to question the immigration status of anyone they detain or arrest.”(Neniz 2018 para. 1). This law is taking away immigrants security, this law is also very unjust and sad because sometimes people may look like an immigrant but they are native born with the ancestry of an immigrant. They will be asked for immigration status if they get an encounter with the police or any daily routine going.

Some example of immigrants being unprotected is a story of immigrants and their children being separated by the United States government. After a court order to reunite more than two thousand migrant children who were separated from their parents in May and June of twenty eighteen, the Trump administration has instructed agents to give parents two options: leave the country with your kids-or leave the county without them. (Ainsley 2018, para. 1). This is really wrong because children should not be dragged into politics. The government instead should welcome everyone, especially children. The government should not be making people choose between their kids and being safe.

As the years go by more and more immigrants get arrested for no reason. A fact from twenty seventeen proves that the number keeps rising. ‘Based on date from the Paw research center this graphic looks at the numbers if twenty seventeen immigration-related arrests.'(ICE 2018, para. 1). On the graph as the years increases the more immigrant-related arrested shows on the graph in all fifty states. The United Stared also have a law that does not protect immigrants and it clearly says ‘this law of the united states might insist in other words that the United States has no particular obligations to those people who have entered the political community defined by its jurisdictional limits, without any rights.”(Michael 2018 para.12).

The American Government needs to give protection to everyone within its borders within or out of the political community after all America is the land of the free. These government officials and anti-immigrants are trying to make life miserable for every immigrant visiting or living here legally. “The law also prohibits clerks, judges, and other state government issued ID as a valid form of identification.” (Funes2018, para. 8). Meaning if a person has a student ID or an Identification from their county, it would not be accepted in court or for any important government business. Because of this law immigrants have less chance of getting justice.

The crack in the immigration system is ruining families. Another problem with immigration is that the current administration in power and the hated they carry of immigrants and it keeps getting worse rather than better. According to a piece from the New York Times ‘The Trump administration’s changes to a state department manual put a thumb on the scale in five of bringing immigrants from the county if they have used any of the hosts of federal, state or local programs making it much harder for immigrants to reunite with their families.'(Watkins 2018, para. 1).

For instance, if you have used any government assistant program you would not be able to file for your family or close friends, sometimes children. Most people pro better immigration laws have said that all these anti-immigrant laws are being put in place to stop more people from coming over or making the other immigrants already on land return to their homeland. It is very hard to understand why children are being treated so badly in this war between the government and immigrants. The United States has and will do anything possible to stop migration to this county even if it includes ruining families and putting children in danger as reported via news ‘ holding children in immigration detention is a resuming if abusive, practice around the world as Australia and the United States each seek ways to respond to recent immigration flow.'(Harvard 2017, para. 3).

The tactics here is to hurt children or detain them in order to get their parents to do anything which would stop the heavy flow of immigrants. This piece was written in twenty seventeen during President Trump first year so it all still ties to his administration. According to the New York Times, ‘it has been at least seven months since the trump administration began traumatizing thousands of families and they still have not fully resolved this tragedy.'(New York Times 2018, para. 4). The citizen of the United States have seen the difference and have been talking about it and you can clearly see that it is getting worst. Not only blaming Trump’s ruling but everyone is responsible for ruining these people’s lives, all they want is to make their lives better.

The United States was founded by immigrants and that’s facts, even today it is run by immigrants. As long as immigrants have been coming after the first settlers they have been hated for being different and stereotyped because of the mistakes their ancestors made and few extremely terrible laws have been passed to make these people feel uncomfortable. Disclaimer the source about to be introduced is very reliable when it comes to the events but the published date is very recent. As long as immigrants have been coming to the United States there have been coming to the United States there have always been anti-immigrants fighting to stop the dreamers “1845 anti- immigrant’s political parties begin to form, known as Nativist and “know-Nothing’ parties.'(Staff pro-quest, 2018, para. 21).

Furthermore, it was two hundred years after the last set of immigrants setters settled in the United States making it their own. By the 1840s these people didn’t want any new people coming over so they created a group to unwelcome any immigrant thinking about moving. You would that Congress would step up to stop the separation and hate but the joined in with the nativist party by ‘1862 Congress passes the first law restricting immigration. It bans American ship from transporting Chinese immigrants to the United States.'(Staff, ProQuest 2018, para. 28).

The Chinese immigrants were treated horribly for no reason also. When citizens with hearts and great logic saw how wrong this law was they complained in return, the government made a law to cover up. Thirteen years later ‘1891 the immigration act establishes the Bureau of immigration and bans the immigration of called idiots, insane persons, payers, or persons likely to become a public charge, the person who have been convicted of a felony or other infamous crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude and polygamists.'(Staff, ProQuest 2018, para. 39). In other words, this act is discrimination there is no other word for it, there is also no valid reason why a law should be passed these people have to realize that they have not yet to walk in the show of an immigrant individual.

Stereotyping against immigrants resurfaces after nine eleven when immigrants were now pinned as a terrorist. This event was tragic but the aftermath was even worst on immigrants because the entire county was against these people were, in other words, were also shocked that this happened. Most Nativist have a mentality the immigrants are taking away all the jobs and resources ‘the anger is particularly high in California, New York and some other regions where they believed that immigrants usually Hispanics and Asians who do not look, talk or act like they—are taking their jobs and freeloading on the county’s educational, health and welfare system.'(Mitchell 2018, para. 12). This quote is very wrong in most cases immigrants get the jobs the native-born American do not or would not want to do and they get paid little to nothing worst of all they never have enough time to spend with family.

Because Immigrants are always looking for new ways to better their lives, they sold themselves as slaves ‘during the colonial, many immigrants came as indentured servants meaning they were required to work for four to seven years to earn back the cost of their passage.'(Melissa 2011, para. 3). After nine eleven the entire nation was on edge and everyone went crazy, immigrants stayed going missing, ‘Advocates and the media began to report on the mistreatment of many of these men… suddenly people started disappearing.'(ABA members 2012, para. 6).According to the source, everyone thought their immigrant neighbors were suddenly terrorists. This evidence also ties in with the McCarthy period when people accused and misjudged people.

While immigrants were facing problems just because they were immigrants religion also got in the way giving these people double trouble. ‘Jewish immigrants in the 1880s found it difficult to secure housing and employment because their culture, religion, and ethics difference made them a target of prejudice.'(Kystiric 2018, para. 12). After a little longer immigrants were able to work and have jobs to make ends meet for their families than another group of immigrant workers were victimized, ‘in 1849 the hounds, a white San Francisco vigilante group attacked a community of Chilean miners, burning their homes, raping the woman and lynching two men.'(Krstoric 2018, para. 14). The hate got so real here, why do all that just because of the fear of change?

For the past ten years, immigrants have still being harmed and targeted both children and woman, old and young. Just today a seven-year-old girl died at the U.S Mexico border because she was not given medical attention on time. Jakelin Caalmaquin is the girl’s name and she was taken to the hospital last minute and her father was arrested by side because had entered the county illegally. According to officials ‘the Trump Administration’s policy of delaying Immigrants a legal ports of entry.'(Ainsley 2018, para. 6). Because people are not gaining legal access they are turning to illegal ways to get which is very dangerous. Research has shown or at least give an answer to why immigrants are hated.

Two really reliable news outlets conducted research and ‘according to the New York Times and CNN poll this month sixty percent of Americans want a decrease in immigration legal and illegal.'(Mitchell 2018, para. 11). The mean question is what did the legal immigrants do? This is the twenty-first century this generation should stay woke. Another horrible attack happened on ‘Sunday, U.S customs and border patrol agents fired chemicals at Honduran migrants.'(Horton 2018, para. 3). These people didn’t have weapons they were trying to get access to a better life but instead, they got hurt. In defense, the U.S government claims that the migrants were trying to cross the border illegally and they did what needed to be done to protect their country. This is a clear example of the treatment African Americans got during the nineteen sixty’s when the government had water hoes at the peaceful protestors.

The big picture to be examined is the reason why anti-immigrants and some Americans treat people of different race or birthplace differently. The clear answer is hate, jealousy, and bitterness. Hate has always played a high role in this society for years in two thousand and one, research showed that ‘many whites automatically react more negatively to black than to whites, even though they don’t consciously hold such views.'(Deangelo 2001, para. 16). In other words, hate has been implanted and grown over the years so it really does not matter if people are the same but they have different races. ‘The closer blacks came to ‘invading’ white cultural turf, the more violent the responses, the team found.'(Deangelo 2001, para. 20).

This information gathered from research done by a news outlet, according to the reporter whites thought blacks we invading their cultural. How can you say these people are invading when the whites invented the melting pot system? According to research, all the hate resurfaced when President Trump got elected. ‘Political commentators have asserted for months that Donald Trump’s dominance of the republican of the Republican presidential field is fueled by his anti-immigrant rhetoric.'(Tester 2018, para. 1). Not blaming entirely Mr. Trump but he is highly responsible for the spread of hate.

With all these problems being listed there’s only so much that can be done to reduce the crimes and hate that immigrants face. Immigrants need to have better rights and the overall society needs to accept them. ‘We can look at the current situation as a teachable moment, to enlarge our sense of community and our sense of relationship to others.'(Deangelo 2012, para. 27). A little tip to make something better, working on oneself is the first place to start. Before hating someone or treating people poorly think about this “how can you hate me when you don’t know me?'(Weir 2018, para. 2). This quote was given by a ten-year-old immigrant child, thinking about it before making cruel decisions can make a difference.

Now that the problems have been addressed it’s time to see what can be done to fix the issues with this broken system. Three recommended programs to help immigrants is the

Some Laws like the SB4 laws she is reformed and this county needs to start having a better attitude towards immigrants and remember they are humans too. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” (Martin Luther King, Jr). Not only that but they are making this county better. Most of all everyone needs to remember the history of this county one is a hundred percent American.

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