Is Torture Effective against Terrorism?

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Does torture work to stop suspected terrorists? Should we, as a nation, continue these practices? This will convince you that torture should not be used. Here is why… Torture is ineffective and unethical. It caused misinformation to be spread about terrorist groups or upcoming attacks. It closes doors with neighboring countries and allies, and to top it off, it has never worked to stop terrorism.

The suspects put on the spotlight will come up with anything, so they can get out of torture. On September 11th, 2001, a terrorist attack on the world trade center killed three thousand american citizens (CNN). This caused fear and panic throughout america and other countries. This is why the United States government decided to use torture to get answers. “A statement that was given by former interrogators claimed that “the application of psychological, emotional, and/or physical pressure can force a victim of torture to say anything to end the painful experience.” (Human Rights First)

This is saying that people being tortured give us false information. “The neuroscience professor Shane O’ Mara said in a statement that torture “Compromises memory, mood, and cognitive function” (Human Rights First). Considering this evidence when put to the fact that torture needs all these things to be a success, it proves how necessary it is. This evidence shows how people in a situation like torture would do anything to escape it. It shows the trauma and mental strain is unnecessarily causes.

While it is bad that we are given false information, it even worse does not work to stop terrorism. Torture cannot stop terrorist attacks. During world war 2 many great powers were created. In germany the nazi party, ran by Hitler, was a complete war powerhouse. They were the most cruel and unusual party, torturing and killing captured men of other countries, and even there own if you count the countless amount of jewish people killed in there country. The soviets were a complete communist system.

“The Nazis and Soviets, who were fond of these methods, were never able to stop terrorism in there respected countries” (Ekman). With powers this vast and dominant its almost crazy to believe they wouldn’t be able to stop terrorism in their countries, especially considering the methods that those powers used. The nazis had control over germany and its people, yet had no shame using cruel punishment to anyone in a time of war. What other powers were unable to stop terrorism?

“England could not stop the ITA attacks even when using methods later considered reprehensible by the Royal commision and found illegal in the european court” (Ekman). England could not stop terrorism using mental and physical torture on these suspects. “The israelis reportedly used torture, but did not succeed in prevent all violent attacks” (Ekman).

Another case in which they attempted to stopping terrorism using torture and failed. This evidence proves without a shadow of a a doubt that torture doesn’t work to prevent terrorism. Even with the attempts from these huge powers to stop itm they failed when using torture.

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