Is Google Making Us Dumb

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The world is constantly changing. The beginning of each generation brings along technological innovations that shape how the society for that generation is structured. In a generation where humans are technologically facilitated, some believe that the increased reliance on technology has caused us to mentally regress and has led to a lack of knowledge and skill. However, the rise of technology has proved to be beneficial as it has evolved the human brain and thought process through increased connectivity, enhanced literacy skills through its efficiency, and allowed for the rise of new interests, therefore, refuting the idea that “Google is making us stupid.”

Technology is improving the way humans think as it contributes to the ability of the human brain to be open-minded about a variety of topics. A major cause of this is the increased connectivity between people that live in different parts of the world which causes those on the internet to become open-minded and acknowledge different viewpoints. As a result, the human mind can formulate its own opinion and thoughts.

Another important aspect of technological advancement is the way that digital media distinctly advances essential literacy skills such as writing. Rather than spending hours flipping through different books to find information that is relevant to a research paper, it can be done in minutes allowing people to focus more energy on their writing. While others may state that the number of individuals writing has significantly decreased, writing is done through indirect means every day without the individual realizing it through texts, tweets, emails, blogs, etc.

Due to the plethora of information that technology provides, people are now driven to focus specifically on things they are interested in, allowing them to excel in those areas. The rise of these new interests can be directly related to the endless opportunities provided by the internet. This allows people to experiment with their hobbies and interests at a young age and by narrowing down what they are passionate about, they can dedicate their time to proving successful in these areas. The creative freedom that is present because of the internet compared to the otherwise strict classroom ideals allows people to share their thoughts, opinions, and creations online with others. In doing so, they can receive feedback and constructive criticism and gain necessary experiences that will lead to a prosperous future.

While there may some detrimental effects that have arisen as an effect of the internet, such as a shorter attention span, the benefits greatly outweigh the negative effects.


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