Importance of Risk Taking Essay

Updated April 26, 2022

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Importance of Risk Taking Essay essay

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The purpose of this paper is to show that without risk and mistakes we would go anywhere in life. People would be in the same job everyday, doing the same thing until we die. Everyone is on a path with twists and turns that are shaped by risks taken and the mistakes made, which can change thought and alter perspective. As the old saying goes, “it’s better to live and learn” because taking risks and making mistakes are key to lessons learned, they are life altering, and they are rewarding.

A person’s choices from their risks and mistakes can change the person’s life. The outcome of the risks can determine what new possibilities come their way. For example, a person who spent all their money on lottery tickets had won a million dollars, although it is unlikely, would now have the chance to go to a college to get a degree without worrying about financial strain. Risks also bring skills that change a life too. To illustrate, a person who is risking time and money to take business classes can improve that person’s life by having the skill to start a business. An outcome of one’s risk and mistakes change how they view things. To demonstrate, a person who thinks money brings happiness could have everything they want and still be unhappy, but that person will realize they made a mistake by thinking that the money brings happiness and will focus on what does bring happiness without money. Risks change peoples’ lives by bringing different possibilities, expanding or gaining skills, and changing point of views.

Different types of risks can have different types of rewards and achievements. Taking big risks could give you big rewards. Examples would be risking things like money or even a job to get or a better job. Sometimes low risks being taken over time will give big rewards too like spending a few extra moments at work on a project or at the gym to get a promotion or have better health. Little things that can add up over time will lead to bigger things. Some rewards are not even physically there. Rewards can be lesson or even more understanding of things. Different types of risk such as small or large could bring big rewards but they could also bring rewards that are not physically present.

The life lessons are what shape up from risk and mistakes. When taking risks and making mistakes we gain experience. When a risk does not pay off like it was supposed to, we learn what not to do and what we should do. When we learn the lessons, we reduce the chance for future mistakes. For an example, a person is going to another state and forgot to check the weather, so now that person is driving through bad weather or may have to cancel the trip. From our experiences, we teach others not to make the same mistakes we did. In turn, they spread those lessons to others. Life lessons shape people by giving people experience, prevent future mistakes, and teach others.

It is better to take risks and make mistakes because they are life altering, rewarding, and allow for a full life of lessons. They are life altering due to bringing different possibilities, expanding and gaining skills, and changing point of views. High risks leading to big rewards, low risks over time leading to rewards, and rewards not always being physical are different type of rewards that risks give. Life lessons from risks give experience, reduce future mistakes, and teach lesson to others. Without risks and mistakes we would be stuck in a rut to repeat the same monotony day in and day out.

Importance of Risk Taking Essay essay

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